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*bellsmum* replied to topic My quest to save time and money

I have a 21 DD and pregnant with our 2nd due in March. I work now but I am planning on being a full time stay at home mum after baby #2 and with a HUGE mortgage we are seriously needing to look at...

Tuesday 09 November 05:35am

*bellsmum* replied to topic Due In March 2011

Welcome Bellsmum Hope your pregnancy is going great! Can't believe how quickly it has gone! We are all over on facebook as a group aswell if you want to come join us there. Alisha That sounds ...

Monday 08 November 05:29am

*bellsmum* replied to topic Changing to a cot from a bed

That is a fantastic idea!!! Thank you both so much for the handy tip. I will let you know how we got on after the weekend She will still be in her cot but we are removing the sides on it so it...

Friday 05 November 07:44pm

*bellsmum* started new topic Changing to a cot from a bed

My DD is 21 months and we are having #2 so I have decided to tackle her going into a bed this weekend. We don't have a rail to stop her falling out so I am a little nervous although I figure the...

Friday 05 November 07:11pm

*bellsmum* replied to topic Anyone NOT put on any weight??

I am 20 weeks pregnant and don't seem to have put on any weight. I didn't put on a huge amount during my first pregnancy though so you shouldn't be too worried as long as bubs is growing well and ...

Friday 05 November 06:58pm

*bellsmum* replied to topic Too tired after work...

Congrats on your first pregnancy! I know the feeling, although after reading how hard you work I just feel lazy now haha, I am 5.5hrs a day 5 days and at a desk. I am 20 weeks with baby #2 and fo...

Friday 05 November 06:52pm

*bellsmum* replied to topic Due In March 2011

Hey ladies, I was wondering if I could join this thread. I'm due on the 30th of march with #2. Our DD is 21 months.....its they grow so fast!!! I didn't join a thread last time and really wish ...

Friday 05 November 06:35pm

*bellsmum* started new topic Toddlers/Babies sharing rooms

Hi, I am pregnant with my second child and when he/she is born in March my DD will be 26 months. I was wondering if anyone else has had their baby share a room with their sibling or another toddle...

Tuesday 26 October 08:14pm

*bellsmum* started new topic Error ignore this post

*** [Edited on 21/04/2009]

Wednesday 22 April 09:30am

*bellsmum* started new topic Swimming at 3 months

I was just wanting to see if there is anyone else out there that took their baby to swimming at 3 months or younger. My daughter in just over 3mths and I am looking at starting lessons with her, s...

Tuesday 21 April 02:41pm
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