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Viv2512 replied to topic Pillows

I gave my little boy a 'baby pillow' at 12 months and then a few months later upgraded to a 'toddler pillow'. He loves his pillow. Remember that at 12 months they are very strong so can push pillo...

Tuesday 22 June 10:54pm

Viv2512 replied to topic DUE OCTOBER 2010!

Hello all - i'm a little late joining this forum!!! Due to be a second time mummy 11 October 2010. I have a little boy, James, who is 17 months old and expecting another little boy!!!! I'm so exc...

Friday 28 May 01:01am

Viv2512 replied to topic Boys names???

Mitchell Robert matches Zachary William It is hard picking second sons name after you LOVE your first sons name. I have a James Lawson and expecting a second son - I think we are going for Matth...

Thursday 20 May 10:26pm

Viv2512 replied to topic 6month old trouble sleepin and night terrors?

Is your baby on solids as yet? When my son was just over 4 months old he went from sleeping beautifully at night to being up all night. I got him onto solids in addition to breastfeeding and he w...

Thursday 20 May 10:21pm

Viv2512 replied to topic Scared of having an epidural

Once you are in the throws of labour, any concerns or pre conceived ideas about what you thought should/would happen go out the window. By the time you opt for an epidural you are in so much pain,...

Friday 23 April 10:16pm

Viv2512 replied to topic other 15mth olds not walking??

My little boy walked at 10.5 months. My husband and I would sit a few metres apart and he would take off between us - this went on for a few weeks before he was off and running on his own. All my...

Tuesday 20 April 10:17pm

Viv2512 replied to topic Demand feed or what??to establish routine

I demand fed my son and although in the beginning there wasnt too much routine regarding when he fed as the months went by he determined his own routine. I breastfed him until 13 months and we bot...

Thursday 11 March 12:04am
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