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KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum started new topic Anal Skin Tag

I noticed a hanging lump of skin on my 15 month old's rectum when I was cleaning him after a nappy change. The doctor has told me it is a harmless skin tag. Does anyone else have a toddler with sam...

Sunday 08 April 07:14pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum started new topic Pityriasis Rosea

I am 19 weeks pregnant and had a good bout of flue recently and developed a very spotty rash over my belly and breasts. I thought it was just a heat rash due to my temperature going up and down dur...

Thursday 28 July 07:20pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum replied to topic keeping warm at night

Hi Danika's Mum I went to my parents group today and watched a video on SID'S and they say you shouldn't put a hat on your baby's head while sleeping as it will retain heat......also I mentioned to...

Saturday 17 April 08:28pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum replied to topic she wakes at 2 every night!

Hi there, My baby is 9 weeks old and she has been waking around 2am everynight as well. I used to feed her and change her then put her back down, and then she would still wake at 5am for another fe...

Wednesday 17 March 11:52am
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum replied to topic C-sect scar

Hi all, I had a C-Sect only 8 weeks ago but here is just a bit of info on Scars. My Nana swears by an Aloe Vera Plant. She said if you break just a bit of the plant each day and rub the juice from ...

Wednesday 10 March 10:43pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum replied to topic Lumpy Breasts

Hi there, Well I have been to the doctor for my 8 week check up and the doctor has written me up to have an ultrasound on the lump being as I am not breastfeeding. He seems to think there is nothin...

Wednesday 10 March 10:32pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum replied to topic Relationships

My husband is involved with everything to do with our baby girl. We had her through IVF so we have been involved together so emotionally since day 1 until the birth of our darling angel. I think th...

Sunday 07 March 04:15pm
KJ'S Mum

KJ'S Mum started new topic Lumpy Breasts

My beautiful daughter Keeleigh Jay is now 8 weeks old. I did everything I could to Breast feed her from when she was born. Unfortunately I only managed the week I was in hospital. I tried to expres...

Sunday 07 March 03:59pm
KJ'S Mum
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