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lansi started new topic Little Spewer

Hello Everyone! My little 4 month old has had reflux since the day he was born, he's what they call a 'Happy Chucker', although it's still just as hard. Even though he's putting on weight, he does...

Friday 29 April 10:48pm

lansi replied to topic breech baby

I went in for my first naturally and had 4th degree tearing, was off my feet with a catheter in for the first day or two. The second, I had a cesarean and was off my feet for the same amount of tim...

Thursday 28 April 08:09pm

lansi replied to topic "Save Our Sleep" - anyone try it?

I've tried it on both Children, my first I followed it down to the letter, and found I had more stress trying to get my baby to follow the schedule than I did without. At about 6 months I decided t...

Thursday 21 April 07:23pm

lansi replied to topic Will he ever talk

Sounds to me if he's babbling in his own language, it won't be far until he starts talking in sentences, whilst my toddler started speaking from 10 months - he used one word at a time, eventually u...

Saturday 01 May 04:45am
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