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MamaB started new topic Are we going to make it 40 weeks

Hi there Just wanting to hear from some Mum's who have experienced Braxton Hicks from early on. This is my third pregnancy and it's just so different to my last two. From the time we found out we ...

Friday 10 December 11:53pm

MamaB replied to topic Passing out/Fainting in Early pregnancy

I think thats definately one for the doctors. I experienced low blood pressure for the first half of this pregnancy but it didn't come with the tightening in the chest, everyone is different though...

Wednesday 17 November 09:26pm

MamaB replied to topic I want my bubba sooo bad

Thanks Kyz and Julie, re baby shower i really want one but is it wrong if i organise it? i have too many friends from different groups that want to organise it lol (It would turn into a cat fight...

Tuesday 16 November 04:31am

MamaB started new topic Body reacting to tropical storms

We are 31/32 weeks along now, third pregnancy and I had the strangest reaction last night to a thunder storm. I've grown up in a tropical climate so the severe storms where lighting is striking out...

Tuesday 16 November 03:06am

MamaB replied to topic were you %100 ready??

I don't know that you can be 100% ready and I have always been an organiser with lists for everything. Don't panick, just relax and anything that you miss there are always solutions. For the hospi...

Monday 15 November 11:30pm

MamaB replied to topic Visitors after giving birth...

I tried that with my DD, no one paid any attention to me and it ended up that I was falling asleep with a room full of visitors around me. My DD was born early in the morning and we sent out messag...

Saturday 06 November 02:30am

MamaB replied to topic Im running out of breath

Definately mention it to your doctor. I had the same thing and it was due to low blood pressure. I'm at 26 weeks now and I still have low blood pressure but it's slowly coming up. The breathlessnes...

Wednesday 13 October 01:57am

MamaB replied to topic REALLY BAD HEADACHE!!

I had migraines and morning sickness with my last pregnancy. My OB told me it was from the increase in my hormones. When it would start I would feel pins and needles in my finger tips and within 15...

Wednesday 13 October 01:46am

MamaB replied to topic Cramping and achy back??

Hi there Best bet is going to see your GP, Gastro has the danger of dehydration which isn't good while your preggers. I had something similar earlier in my pregnancy. The GP can check you and the ...

Wednesday 13 October 01:28am

MamaB replied to topic First born always like the father?

My DS is my first born and looks like me, a male version of me. My DD who is second born gets her looks from my DH side of the family. She actually looks just like her Aunty. Now that she's almost ...

Thursday 07 October 02:58am

MamaB replied to topic travelling with a young baby

I travelled by plane with a 5 month old baby. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. When you book your ticket make sure you book one for the baby. We travelled with Qantas and they gave us seats wit...

Thursday 07 October 12:42am

MamaB started new topic Advice for helping prepare toddler for new sibling

Hi there I have a 20 month old DD who is very much Mummy's little girl. We are very close and she can get jealous of attention I give to my 12 DS. I'm thinking I'm going to have a bit of battle on...

Tuesday 05 October 08:32pm

MamaB replied to topic Baby Showers

Big gap between my first and second so I had to collect everything all over again. I loved my second one, it was just us girls and we went out for lunch at a really nice place and had a ball. No ga...

Tuesday 05 October 01:10am

MamaB replied to topic 2 Friends, 2 due dates !!

My DS was born on his due date at 2pm, my contractions start earlier that morning at 3 minutes past midnight so everything started and finished on the day that he was due. I couldn't believe it! T...

Tuesday 05 October 12:58am

MamaB replied to topic First grey hair!

I had my first baby at 21 and found grey hairs! Not happy Jan! I've been going grey ever since. Could also be in my gene's though, my Dad was mostly grey by 30, I'm now 33 and thank goodness for ha...

Tuesday 05 October 12:47am

MamaB replied to topic 26 1/2 weeks pregnant how much does your baby kick

Hi there This is my third bub and I'm at 23 weeks. Bub has been moving quiet a bit in the last few weeks but he's starting to really get some strength on him now. He seems to have a bit of a routi...

Tuesday 21 September 09:15pm

MamaB replied to topic I have tried 3 times now...

Hi there I had a similar problem but I'm just a big sucker and to begin with I stay in with DD, not in the bed, but in a chair besides the bed. That way she knew I'm there and relaxed. I put her i...

Tuesday 21 September 07:59pm

MamaB replied to topic Fisherman Pants!!!!

EVERYONE in Darwin live in fisho pants - pregnant or not LOL... we even have versions of fisherman skirts, shorts & kid versions! DH hates them & i love them. so cool & comfy for the humidity up...

Friday 17 September 07:06pm

MamaB replied to topic lost, single, pregnant with a toddler

Hi there I'm writing to give you more of a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm on the other side of a similar situation. I've been through it and as tough as it is, you'll amaze yourself at how st...

Tuesday 14 September 01:19am

MamaB replied to topic Can you feel your Baby move from Transverse position into head down...?

Hi there If your still uncomfortable then I think you should be ringing your OB or midwife and have a chat at the very least. Even with out any of your show occuring its worth putting your mind at...

Monday 13 September 11:11pm
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