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bertandanna replied to topic When do you use a dummy?

I tend to be the opposite of others, we didnt use one for 8 weeks (except in the occasional emergency) we were so anti dummy - because I didnt understand the purpose of them - thought that they wer...

Wednesday 15 April 02:32pm

bertandanna replied to topic Night time routine?

We follow the baby whisperer routine 3 hourly feeds, 1 hour up 2 down ideally. she has a nap from about 5-6 just enough to get her thru her bathtime (she wakes after one sleep cycle), half a bott...

Wednesday 15 April 02:01pm

bertandanna replied to topic How can I get hubby more involved

Give him jobs to do along the way. I seem to have taken over the research and purchase throughout the pregnancy - hubby gives his opinion when asked and is extremely supportive, but more and more h...

Tuesday 06 January 10:36am

bertandanna replied to topic Young mum

I was walking with my friend 2 year old the other day and 2 old nanas stopped to ask about zoe's bright red curly hair (attracts a bit of attention), as the conversation went on (and on!) I pointed...

Wednesday 04 June 03:43pm
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