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~Kalider~ replied to topic Help!! Top or front loader and which brand?

I have a miele front loader and love love love it. We've had it for seven years and never had any problems AT ALL. We had several top loaders in a short time before investing in this one. W...

Saturday 03 May 07:52am

~Kalider~ replied to topic Name ideas

I would love to join too!!! Maybe a forum that isn't quite so temperamental with signing in and then so flipping hard to reply would be great. By the time I sign in on whatever device I'm...

Wednesday 26 March 11:26pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Oops!

I think flowers would be a lovely gesture. What a hard place to work after losing her bubba so far along. Gosh that would be difficult!!!

Monday 10 February 09:49pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Household cleaning questions

I'm just curious what others do... 1. Do you wear gloves for washing up? I have a dishwasher so I rarely wash up but I never used to wear gloves but did end up with skin irritation 2. Do yo...

Wednesday 22 January 11:07am

~Kalider~ replied to topic Salami

I didn't know kids shouldn't have salami I must confess My kids love the mild Hungarian salami from the deli and have all been eating it from around 12-18 months I'd say?!?! I never...

Wednesday 22 January 11:04am

~Kalider~ replied to topic FIFO wives and families

My DH has been home for 3 years but due to the yard in our home town closing down he has gone back to FIFO (28/7 rotation). It's been a steep adjustment for me as I got really used to him bein...

Wednesday 15 January 12:22am

~Kalider~ replied to topic is this a rude question -breast or bottle?

Nai&BE wrote: I don't ask those questions, I just don't think it matters to be honest. I don't mind people me asking as such but it depends how they are asking. I mean why does i...

Tuesday 14 January 12:20pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic shoe size for older kids

My DS1 seems to have smallish feet, he's 9 and has just been fitted in a 2. He did wear a 13 all last year though so like you I feel bad that I had been clearly stuffing him in there. DD is 6...

Monday 13 January 10:01pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic if you cook thawed meat can you freeze it again.

I always defrost my meat, cook whatever I'm having for tea,and the refreeze the leftover (cooked) dinner. It's funny I'm a bit crazy with food prep but have always done this but my s...

Monday 13 January 09:20pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Sorry it's a bit late!!! DD2 is here!

Congratulations and what a beautiful name

Monday 13 January 09:15pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic This made me smile.

That's cute but I should imagine freaky for the poor poppet as well My DS1 has had identical twins in his class since prep (he's going into year 4) and it was only this year that he see...

Monday 13 January 09:13pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic SIL

That's really exciting!!! Good luck to your SIL and yay for cuddles hopefully not too long away!!!

Monday 13 January 09:10pm

~Kalider~ started new topic Lol which are you?

Mum for my DS1 (9) Mummy to DD (6) and either Mummy or Mama for DS2 (2). I'm not sure where mama came from but it sounds pretty cute. I generally refer to myself as mum or mummy never mama tho...

Thursday 02 January 12:25am

~Kalider~ replied to topic the bad present thread!!

Quick Sticks wrote: Pixie Chick wrote: Quick Sticks wrote: It drives me crazy when you say not to get something and they get it anyway! My DH and I both told my Mil not to buy me underwear this y...

Sunday 29 December 10:11am

~Kalider~ replied to topic breastfeeding and drinking

Not sure on the answer to the alcohol question but happy birthday I hope you have a lovely day

Thursday 26 December 09:22am

~Kalider~ replied to topic Poor DS

What a little spunky guy =) He's rocking that gap for sure!!!

Tuesday 24 December 09:41pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Poor DS

Oh my goodness that sounds painful poor little guy. Your poor DH too, that would have been hard keeping it together for everyone. Your DS sounds like one brave little man!!! Glad he is on the mend ...

Tuesday 24 December 02:49pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Poor DS

leisah wrote: He's 3yrs 7 months. He's excited that the tooth fairy can visit him (his older sister has lost 2 teeth in the last month so he knows 'all' about the tooth fairy t...

Monday 23 December 08:07pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Poor DS

My DD did that to her front right tooth when she was two. She swam into the wall at swimming lessons. She's 6 now and the missing tooth came through mid-way through this year. The biggest risk...

Monday 23 December 07:51pm

~Kalider~ replied to topic Anyone in Townsville?

Sure thing

Sunday 22 December 01:21pm
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