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Orders replied to topic urgent help for my poor little princess

I agree with adding a lil extra water (10-20mls) to her feeds this may dilute it just that lil bit extra to help. When my 2 lil one had constipation really bad i resorted to Suppositires from the c...

Friday 09 October 01:37pm

Orders replied to topic Help treating nipple Thrush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had thrush with both my children but both were totally different experiences. I was told to eat more yoghurt as they contain both Lactobacillus acidophillus and Bifidus. You can take capsules to ...

Friday 09 October 01:29pm

Orders replied to topic curious???

I really aprreciate the feedback guys and i have spoken to a helpline also who has also reassured me that it is quite normal and suggested ways to help ease the issues. I do believe we put so much ...

Friday 09 October 01:11pm

Orders replied to topic Help to reduce stretch marks??

My mother and sister both got stretch marks all over their bellies during preganancy and i'm smaller and i only got four on each side of my hips during both. The best advice i recevied during my fi...

Tuesday 06 October 01:19pm

Orders replied to topic Sex after baby!

My hubby and i resummed after only 2 weeks after both births but i really understand what you have said. Your body hasn't really been yours for the past 9 months and then your boobs are fought over...

Tuesday 06 October 12:53pm

Orders replied to topic How Long After You Gave Birth..

For both it was 2 weeks after i gave birth. I had stitches for both so things had to be taken slow but i really wanted to connect with my husband again on a level other then our children (might sou...

Tuesday 06 October 12:38pm

Orders started new topic curious???

Well ok i'll start with my story.......i have just recently put DS2 on full time formula and he is 6 and a half months. At about 5 weeks of age he became very ill with bronchilitis and i was advise...

Tuesday 06 October 12:11pm

Orders replied to topic surprise pregnancy

my DS1 was 7 months when i fell pregnant with DS2 so there isn't quite 16 months between them. I too had the same issues in regards to whether i would cope but you do. Of course you will have your ...

Tuesday 06 October 11:43am

Orders replied to topic Stats..

DS1- Vaginal delivery 8 hr induced (pre-eclapsia) 8 pound 12 (3.960kg) 47cm,36cm head circ 39 weeks gestation. DS2- Vaginal Delivery 2 hr induced (high blood pressure) 7 pound 12 (3.535kg) 51cm, 3...

Tuesday 06 October 11:29am

Orders replied to topic Conceiving Twins???

Thankyou for your feedback and info guys. We have talked about when we would like to start again and we've decided around the end of next year. It seems a better age gap that way to because i've de...

Tuesday 06 October 11:16am

Orders started new topic Conceiving Twins???

It might sound a lil insane but i would love to have twins when we try do fall pregnant next time around. I had no trouble conceiving with our previous 2 children and we would love to have more. I ...

Tuesday 29 September 11:56am
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