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kermit457 replied to topic Middle name

Yeah, my first thought was "Bonny Mae". Bonny suits your other names too.

Thursday 01 December 02:58am

kermit457 replied to topic Everyone blames teething

I sooooo agree with you. That is one thing that really used to p*ss me off with my daughter; the very slightest grizzle and I'd get "oh, she must be teething" The truth is I never knew when my da...

Thursday 17 November 05:00am

kermit457 replied to topic Would you...

Nope, not a fan of little kids with crazy hairstyles.

Tuesday 08 November 04:58am

kermit457 replied to topic What's the best comeback you've

Well, in our late teens a group of us were heading to a party, you know, those ones where you don't know anyone, you just know it's a party and you rock up. We pull up outside and one of the guys ...

Sunday 30 October 04:45am

kermit457 replied to topic What happens when your waters break

This policy has always confused me. So if your waters break at 24 weeks they do everything in their power to ensure you DON'T go into labour and baby stays put, but if you are at term you only ha...

Saturday 22 October 03:18am

kermit457 replied to topic i am so angry at my DH

Hi, I haven't read everyone's replies, and I'm pretty sure everything has already been said but I can't stay away from this. Wow. How does he get to say "no" to looking after his own kids? A ma...

Saturday 01 October 04:21am

kermit457 replied to topic Evie Elisabeth OR Evie Eloise?

My daughter was almost Eve Elizabeth (or Elisabeth) so my pick is Evie Elisabeth. I love that spelling too. I think it rolls off the tongue better than Eloise. Both great names though, you can't...

Monday 26 September 03:41am

kermit457 replied to topic Evie :)

Thanks for the replies. I really love this name! I like Elizabeth as a MN too. Not sure on how I would spell it though: either 'Elizabeth' or 'Elisabeth' (the last being the spelling of my MIL...

Sunday 14 August 03:37am

kermit457 replied to topic Would you say something

Hi there, If I wasn't very close with them, I'd be inclined not to say anything to them because it could get very uncomfortable. But it would also be very sad if the little girl missed out on get...

Tuesday 09 August 04:01am

kermit457 replied to topic Evie :)

Evie is really growing on me. Wanting to know what others think of the name? Does it work as a full name or just a nickname? It is very cute for a baby girl, but would it suit an older woman?...

Monday 01 August 05:05am

kermit457 replied to topic School Requirements.

The letter to parents states that for year 9 (I guess that's 3rd form?) that they are making it compulsory for students to bring "portable computing devices" to school, and then goes on to state th...

Wednesday 20 July 04:28am

kermit457 replied to topic Boy name honest opinion

Do you like the name Zaden for a boy? I like the name but Hubby doesnt, i like that it could be shortened down to Zade as well. Can anyone think of any nasty nicknames he could be called?? I go ...

Tuesday 19 July 04:50am

kermit457 replied to topic Damage to your car

Last night during a party down the road a young bloke has come into my carport and ripped the back windscreen wiper off. If it happened to you would you report it? Yep, I always report it. I k...

Tuesday 19 July 04:22am

kermit457 replied to topic party!!!!!!!!

I threw a big party for my 25th birthday. I hired a bar in town. I figured it was a big enough birthday. I had a themed party for my 30th. I called it my freaky firtief. The party was just at ...

Monday 27 June 06:12pm

kermit457 replied to topic Parents with prams

Personally, I'd prefer it if no such parks existed. I think having children is not a disability, and we don't need "special" parks close to the door. It especially annoys me that at my local mall...

Monday 13 June 03:56am

kermit457 replied to topic How would you prounounce...

Definitely Lay-la. It's a really pretty name, and a pretty spelling too. I wouldn't worry about some people getting it wrong. My name is a conventional yet uncommon name with a really unusual sp...

Tuesday 31 May 04:37am

kermit457 replied to topic Your experience with oil heaters...

Hi all, As above, just curious to see what others think about oil heaters and how much heat they put out as to whether they are worth it etc. I have never used one and the house we are currentl...

Tuesday 31 May 03:55am

kermit457 replied to topic Baby girl name

Hi there, I think Caelin/Caelyn look like the masculine version. And I think Cailyn looks too similar to Caitlyn. Kailyn doesn't look quite right to me. My pick is Kaelyn. I'm not real good at...

Saturday 28 May 04:56am

kermit457 replied to topic my brave dad..

hi all, my dad passed away yesterday after a battle with alzheimers disease, he was 51 years old... im devastated, i cant stop crying...i miss him and cant believe he is gone, he never got t...

Wednesday 25 May 04:13am

kermit457 replied to topic SAHM

I went to a friends house yesterday who is a Stay at home mummy and she told me that she doesn't even know how to work her washing machine and that her DH does it and hangs it out. Also that her D...

Friday 29 April 07:49pm
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