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sausi replied to topic Wont settle for anybody else

Leanne, My 2 1/2 year old son was and still is the same and I also have a 10 mth old the same. So you can say that I have both hands tied!!! Your 4 mth old is beginning to be more alert now but ...

Saturday 23 September 07:19am

sausi replied to topic What teat do you use for your 9mth old?

hi, i use the pigeon y cut but i pierce a small extra hole with a sterilised pin or a pigeon s size with 2 extra holes. my daughter is 9 mths and the L size is way way too fast, she splutters wit...

Thursday 17 August 07:25am

sausi replied to topic Pigeon teats - PLEASE help!!

Hi, It's me again. I purchased more than I needed of the S size when I first started but they became too small so I sterilised a safety pin and put a couple of extra holes in them. Worked fine. ...

Tuesday 08 August 07:08pm

sausi replied to topic Pigeon teats - PLEASE help!!

I was in Greensborough shopping centre the other day (Thursday) and I can't remember if it was Kmart or Target but one of them had about 5 of the L size teats. I was looking for the Y one and they...

Tuesday 08 August 07:04pm

sausi replied to topic 4 week old & breastfeeding

Hi Amaya, At 4 weeks old the feeds are still very erratic. Some babies are more effecient on the breast and feed very quickly. More important to look at nappies and weight gain. As for BF, this...

Monday 19 June 08:22am

sausi replied to topic Do you wake baby for feeding or let them sleep??

Hi, You were told by the hospital staff that because the baby was still very very young and needed to have the extra feeds to grow. At six weeks old now, you are one of the few lucky mums to hav...

Monday 19 June 08:01am

sausi started new topic Which thermometer?

I have a Braun ear thermometer which is not giving me a reliable reading (35 to 38, all within 5 mins). Probably been dropped too many times and beeped to death by DS. I need to get a new one. ...

Friday 09 June 08:20am

sausi started new topic A reliable thermometer!

Hi all, I would like to have feedback on the thermometers you use. I have a Braun stick in the ear one. It has seen me through my first baby. Now I have my second I find that it is wonky! I ...

Friday 09 June 08:07am

sausi started new topic S26 special

Just wanted to let you know that I found S26 on special at the local My Chemist (Box Hill central in Melb) at $14.99 per tin. I'm assuming that it's this price at my chemists in Victoria. Price a...

Wednesday 24 May 04:07am

sausi replied to topic question about step 2 formula

It is a little different and could affect a baby in this way. You don;t have to use the step 2 if the solids are going ok. Staying with step one until on cow's milk is fine. Step 2 hs an agent wh...

Wednesday 10 May 05:08am

sausi replied to topic The formula for how much to give at what weight .. help?

Hi The average is 150ml of milk per kg of weight. So, if she is 6 kg then 6 times 150 equals 900ml divided by the number of feeds per day. If you feed 6 times then 150 mls per bottle, if you fee...

Wednesday 10 May 05:04am

sausi replied to topic tips for bottle feeding

Oh, I forgot to add my tip. Partially fill your empty bottles with cooled boiled water. When you need to make up a bottle pour boling water into the cool water to the right temp and add formula....

Monday 08 May 07:05pm

sausi replied to topic tips for bottle feeding

Tania, THANK YOU!!!!! For saying that the thread is not for debate. I breast feed my baby and I cannot understand all the hostililty between breast and bottle. Threads such as "shut up" and the...

Monday 08 May 07:02pm

sausi replied to topic feeding problems

Katie, Since you have tried the Karicare AR, why don't you use the Nan you have now and put a thickener in the bottles. That may help with the reflux.

Monday 08 May 06:54pm

sausi replied to topic formula for 6mth olds

Hi, I FF my 1st with the step 1 until 11mths as MCHN said step 2 is very filling and if the solids was ok then stick with step 1

Monday 08 May 06:50pm

sausi replied to topic wieght loss at 11 weeks

Possibly it does have something to do with you expressing only 1/2 hour before a feed. The breast takes about 20 mins to have more milk but this is only enough for a snack. It takes about an hour ...

Saturday 06 May 11:15am

sausi replied to topic Weaning cold turkey!!!

Kezz, Look under the thread 'formula guilt'. Zach's mum recommends epsom salt in water once a day for two days and milk will dry up very quickly. Have yet to try it but will when I wean. Pleass...

Friday 05 May 11:03am

sausi replied to topic Constipation - 11 days old

Lisa, Harder motions and once a day is pretty normal for a FF baby. This means the consistency of toothpaste, not like ours (pardon me). BF babies have watery motions after almost every feed for...

Monday 01 May 06:41pm

sausi replied to topic breast feeding

Jess, I know exactly how you feel! I know that you shouldn't feel guilt about formula feeding but that's still how I feel 27 months later. I have my second child now and I was absolutely determi...

Wednesday 26 April 07:17pm

sausi replied to topic Breastfeeding 1-2hourly from 4pm onwards - HELP

Belle, Welcome to the world of cluster feeding! Yes, that is officially what it is known as! My daughter did exactly that regularly every night until 1130pm until she turned 3mths old. She sti...

Wednesday 19 April 07:44pm
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