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.:Katie:. replied to topic So sore :(

Thanks! I bought some bonjella last night, helps!! Thank god!! But if they're still sore tomorrow though I'm getting vegemite too!

Sunday 14 November 09:37pm

.:Katie:. replied to topic 25 things....

1. I've been a vegetarian since I was 11 2. I was miserable for about 2 weeks after I first moved out of home even though it was with DP (then DF) and pregnant 3. My DD2 is named after my mum and m...

Sunday 14 November 06:44am

.:Katie:. replied to topic AWKWARD! maybe tmi but sort of funny lol

Ooooh that's horrible!! God would be so embarrassing haha

Sunday 14 November 06:23am

.:Katie:. started new topic Hair style help needed :D

I have a hair appt on Tuesday, it's meant to be when I get my hair done for my wedding <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span> So seems as that is not happening I want to do something co...

Sunday 14 November 06:15am

.:Katie:. replied to topic So sore :(

Thanks for all the tips, they're driving me crazy <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> I'm go...

Saturday 13 November 11:49pm

.:Katie:. started new topic So sore :(

Are there any quick ways to help get rid of them? I have two at the top of mouth where the top of my gum meets the inside of my lip.. One on either side and they are so sore, I can't laugh or smile...

Saturday 13 November 11:27pm

.:Katie:. started new topic What would you do?

So my family aren't very fond of my DP right now, he is also my ex-DF and I don't blame them for feeling how they do. He treated me like rubbish, we both know that and we're trying to work it out.....

Friday 12 November 05:18am

.:Katie:. replied to topic Why did I watch it AGAIN??!

I'm going to watch it tomorrow! I don't watch Rafters at all lol but everyone has gone on about this so much I thought why not!

Tuesday 09 November 09:34am

.:Katie:. replied to topic Guess What!!!!


Tuesday 09 November 09:17am

.:Katie:. replied to topic The clock that keeps babies in bed!

Yes, I know exactly what you mean, we are toying whether to get one for our DS who thinks 5.30am is "morning time" - well technically he is correct but hell! I have seen three different ones adver...

Thursday 04 November 04:20am

.:Katie:. replied to topic We're going to work things out

Thanks guys. I think it'll take some work but we should get there in the end!

Thursday 04 November 03:31am

.:Katie:. started new topic The clock that keeps babies in bed!

Anyone know what it's called? Or know what I'm talking about lol.. My sister is having problems with her DD waking up at 4am every night and coming into her bed, she was 2 in July so wanted to tell...

Thursday 04 November 03:29am

.:Katie:. started new topic We're going to work things out

We had a big talk last night. We wants to make it up to me He said he has been a f**king d!ckhead, that he's realised what a mistake he has made. We're taking it slow, he's not moving back in yet,...

Wednesday 03 November 11:25pm

.:Katie:. replied to topic Can Spiders crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner

I always thought they would be sucked up with enough force to kill it. But I spray before I suck too lol

Tuesday 02 November 10:10am

.:Katie:. replied to topic Fairy Wands & Tutus

If you're making ones to keep I would prefer wood.. My DD1 has had 2 plastic ones and they have both broken. She's not very rough with them either.

Tuesday 02 November 07:28am

.:Katie:. replied to topic What would you do

I wouldn't! Not ever. Even if I was a smacker. My niece has been a horrible biter and always took it out on my DD1 and I will tell her off, make her apologise, put her in time out/stand in the corn...

Tuesday 02 November 07:25am

.:Katie:. replied to topic do u......

Before my ex and I split I cooked 2 meals every night because I'm vego and he's not. But I only cook something separate for my girls if they don't like what I want. Which doesn't really happen!

Monday 01 November 12:15pm

.:Katie:. replied to topic Would you go?

My Grandad died when I was in year 8. We moved to Australia from England when I was 4yrs old, the only time we saw them after that was when I was in grade 4 in primary school, they came over for a ...

Monday 01 November 08:20am

.:Katie:. started new topic Hmmmm, what would you pick?

My mum told me to think about what I want for xmas.. She said she can get me a new bed, a big flat screen tv or a new fridge.. Or something else I can think of! Or I can leave it and she'll find ot...

Monday 01 November 07:33am

.:Katie:. replied to topic I've just realised..

Hey, sorry you're having a rough day! I hate the fact I can say I know what you're going through! My ex and I had issues but I think I'm having trouble letting go.. I keep thinking 'what if' and th...

Monday 01 November 12:59am
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