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rissanddan replied to topic July 2011 mummies

Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum. I am due with number 2 23rd July. I have been spending time on the What To Expect forum, but it is american and the women on there are so different to Aussie mum...

Sunday 27 February 08:50pm

rissanddan started new topic AMAZING - Back in the cot!!!

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share an experience that has changed our night time routine. We took the side off DS's cot to make it a toddler bed about 6 months ago (he just turned 2 last week). Th...

Saturday 25 December 05:06am

rissanddan replied to topic Help! My 20 month old toddler has gone off his vegies

Oh my goodness, you could be talking about MY 20 month old. He used to sit on the kitchen floor eating frozen peas and corn as I made dinner, whereas now, he eats everything except vegies. What I ...

Monday 30 August 06:51am

rissanddan replied to topic teeth grinding

Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. I actually met a dentist last night and I asked him about toddler teeth and taking them to the dentist and he told me that the sooner kids can go to the dentist...

Monday 30 August 06:37am

rissanddan started new topic teeth grinding

My toddler (20 months old) grinds his teeth. I heard that this is a sign of worms but when I asked about it, I was told it is usually only a sign of worms if it happens in their sleep (which it doe...

Friday 20 August 06:01am

rissanddan started new topic How much salt?

I was wondering if anyone knows how much salt (sodium) toddlers can have and if foods in brine (like olives and capers) contain a lot of sodium? My DS doesn't eat salty snacks like chips much, but ...

Tuesday 17 August 06:18am

rissanddan replied to topic Beast Feeding!

My DS is 20 months old and is still on 2 breastfeeds a day, but just this morning I skipped his morning feed. he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he says is 'more' which is his way of sa...

Tuesday 17 August 06:14am

rissanddan replied to topic Save our Sleep Toddler

Hi, we read Save Our Sleep (not the toddler version - didn't know there was one) and used that when DS was 4 months and we tried to give up his dummy and it worked quite well but then he got sick j...

Thursday 08 July 10:50pm

rissanddan started new topic talking for a 15 month old

Hi everyone, I wass just wondering when your toddlers started talking. My 15 month old DS says "dada" and says it when his dad walks in. He shouts out "dada" when he sees dad, but then eveything...

Wednesday 24 March 08:26am

rissanddan replied to topic Extended Breastfeeding Mums.....

Hi guys, Just wanting to hear what other mums think I should do. My DS is 15 months and is on 2 feeds a day, morning and night. For the past month, I have been in pain in one breast with a thrush...

Wednesday 24 March 08:19am

rissanddan replied to topic HERVEY BAY MUMMYS??

Hi there, we have just recently moved to Hervey Bay and do far, we love it! I work full time and my husband stays home and looks after DS (14 months old) while he is studying. I am not sure abou...

Tuesday 16 February 06:13pm

rissanddan started new topic TTC a girl?

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to TTC a girl? I have one beautiful DS and would love a girl but am also concerned that if we get a boy after trying to conceive a girl, I'll feel disappointed, a...

Thursday 03 December 06:38pm

rissanddan replied to topic what position did you give birth in ??

Hi girls, its interesting reading what everyone has done. I went into my labour with the idea that i was NOT going to be lying on my back with my feet up in the stirrups, but when it came time to ...

Thursday 03 December 06:21pm

rissanddan replied to topic 17 weeks pregnant and am nervous about vaginal birth' how did it go for you!

Hi! I agree with some other posts...don't read horror stories and ignore friends telling you how bad it was. I know that everyone is different and everyone handles different situations in their ow...

Thursday 03 December 06:15pm

rissanddan replied to topic Calm Birth Classes

Hi girls, its great to hear your stories. I tried to get into a Calm Birthing class here in Tas but couldn't find one. I did a lot of reading about going into the labour and birth with an open m...

Thursday 03 December 06:04pm

rissanddan replied to topic 30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer.

I lost mine about 24 hours before DS was born. Didn't feel contraction until about 12 hours after lost the plug. When I rang the hospital, they told me that I could go into labour within hours or ...

Thursday 03 December 05:43pm

rissanddan started new topic tried and tested dummy weaning advice please!!!

Hi girls, DS is 1 in a couple of weeks and I have put off weaning the dummy (he has it when he sleeps - and needs it to fall asleep, which is where the issue is - and sometimes when he is upset) u...

Thursday 03 December 05:37pm

rissanddan replied to topic Day sleeps please help...

Hi, this is just a suggestion as I have read it in a few books, but, if a bub goes from a long sleep (so resettling is not really the issue, cause they obvioulsy know how to do it if they are sleep...

Thursday 03 December 05:32pm

rissanddan replied to topic HERVEY BAY MUMMYS??

Hi girls, sorry haven't been on for a while...packing is driving me crazy!!! Anyway, we leave in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! But, won't get to Hervey Bay until mid-january. My sister gets marri...

Thursday 03 December 05:22pm

rissanddan replied to topic Anyone who would be TTC late 2010 - Early 2011 ??

Hi girls, thought I would just drop a line and introduce myself. I'm 30 (9th August) and DH is 32. We have a DS who is 1 on the 17th December (very soon!!!). Although I would love another bub, ...

Thursday 03 December 05:15pm
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