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Leeesa replied to topic foods not to eat

I agree, I think you do have to be very careful but you can go overboard, but me I try stick to do's and don'ts as much as possible, I will not touch ham, but I will eat tinned leg ham if I really ...

Saturday 13 December 12:10pm

Leeesa replied to topic My family is driving me CRAZY!!!!!

You poor thing, My family is great, I have a very small family (just 3 of us, me mum and dad) I do however have problems with my MIL which is difficult because I feel I cant say anything to her a...

Friday 12 December 05:09pm

Leeesa replied to topic Hi im new here...

Hi I am also new here, I live in Perth (SOR) I am 24 yrs old, me and my partner of 4 years are expecting our first baby in early July. My Email address [email protected]

Friday 12 December 04:55pm

Leeesa replied to topic wanting everything to go alright

I am also a first timer expecting in Early July. You are not alone, I also worry so much something will go wrong, I had my frist U/S at 8 weeks. I was so worried about an ectopic pregnancy as I w...

Friday 12 December 04:49pm
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