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mish01 replied to topic Obsessed - 3yo not yet TT,and doing my head in

Hi Robyn I know exactly how you feel, my daughter is exactly the same she will be three in two and a half weeks and she has absolutely no interest in going to the toilet, she also doesnt tell us wh...

Thursday 26 February 07:18pm

mish01 replied to topic Newcastle! Near Williamtown

It takes about 30mins from Medowie and about 20mins from Raymond Terrace. I had my daughter at Newcastle Private and it was a real pain having to pay for parking and just finding a parking space w...

Wednesday 09 May 06:22pm

mish01 replied to topic Newcastle! Near Williamtown

Hi Nicole, I live in Medowie and have a 3.5yr old boy and 13mth old daughter. I know people that have babies at both John Hunter and Maitland and none of them had anything bad to say about either ...

Wednesday 09 May 03:14pm

mish01 replied to topic Waking far too early

My 13mth DD is the same she was always sleeping through until 7am now she is up at around 5am. It started when daylight saving finished, i thought it would only last a week or so but it's still go...

Monday 07 May 06:17am

mish01 replied to topic March 2006 Babies

Hi Amber, My daughter was born on the 15 March 2006, can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

Saturday 05 May 03:32pm

mish01 replied to topic HELP! 3 yr old DS won't listen and contantly hurts little sister!

Hi Em, Sorry i dont have any advice but just wanted to let u know that you are not alone, my 3yr old is exactly the same with his 13mth old sister and i have had those exact same feelings.

Monday 30 April 04:52am
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