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Annette started new topic food allergies!

hi i am sure this has been posted somewhere on the site already, but is there many people out there who child has food allergies?? we have discovered that our daughter is allergic to nuts and ses...

Sunday 01 October 07:25pm

Annette replied to topic Baby shoes

hi isabella's mum.... try shoes & sox, they are fantastic. they have stores throughout nsw.... where do you live? my little one is a G fitting, and Shoes & Sox were very helpful although she only...

Saturday 12 November 01:01pm

Annette replied to topic Ideas? Bub can walk, but still wobbly? shoes? he wont wear socks! pulls em straight off?

Hi my little girl (13 months) had an obsession with taking her socks off - so now she wears tights under her clothes - lucky it is cold enough for it!! and cant pull them off!! i was told to wa...

Sunday 26 June 07:17pm

Annette started new topic A2 milk....

hi has anyone tried that A2 milk that has been advertised on TV? my daughter is now 13 months old, and on a couple of bottles of cows milk per day - no more formula. I just thought if the A2 milk...

Thursday 16 June 07:03am

Annette replied to topic Help - Hates Highchair

hi my 1 year old hates her high chair and has hated it for a few months now. we cant figure out why. when she is in it she doesnt enjoy her food - she gets that upset. but like you said, when i p...

Tuesday 03 May 12:12pm

Annette replied to topic Babies born May 2004

Hi Hayley, My daughter Nicole was also born on the 1st of May 04. She was obviously 1 yesterday and decided to take her first steps on her birthday - which was really exciting to both of us. She...

Tuesday 03 May 11:55am

Annette replied to topic Lose weight with me

hi i first responded to this topic a while ago when it first started - but also have had trouble losing weight. My daughter is 9 1/2 months now. i gained 30kg when pregnant and only lost 10kg af...

Monday 14 February 06:16am

Annette replied to topic 15wk girl, really bad wind

hi Katrina my little girl has colic for the first few months (now 6 months) but we were really lucky it never woke her through the night. i found the Brauer Colic Relief worked wonders.... if you...

Thursday 04 November 08:14pm

Annette started new topic 6 months and now wont sleep on her back

hi my little girl who is now 6 months has gone from the most perfect sleeper at night to waking at any hour... i know she is probably teething but she also doesnt seem to want to sleep on her bac...

Thursday 04 November 08:11pm

Annette started new topic to all the eczema mums....

hi has anyone tried Medihoney on their bubs ezcema?? i am trying it on bub but just wanted to hear if anyone else has tried it..... Annette

Tuesday 02 November 09:47am

Annette started new topic scratching baby

hi sounds stupid, but how do you teach a 6 month old baby not to scratch herself???? so far the mittens have been good, but she is now getting very cheeky and has learnt how to pull her mittens o...

Sunday 24 October 09:59am

Annette started new topic huggies play mat - fantastic

hi we just received our huggies play mat today - it is fantastic. my little girl loved it straight away. I would encourage everyone to send in their barcodes to get one.... thanks huggies!

Saturday 16 October 10:38am

Annette replied to topic Giving 5mth old water

hi i have been giving my 5 month girl boiled water since she was born. they dont tend to take it much, but i think it is a good habit to try and get them into, especially with summer on the way. ...

Wednesday 13 October 10:14am

Annette started new topic wont sleep through the day

hi my 5 month little girl wont sleep through the day. if i am lucky she will have 20 to 40 min cat naps between feeds (feeding every 3 hours) maybe 2 or 3 times a day. i shouldnt complain as she ...

Friday 08 October 07:05pm

Annette replied to topic sleeping in my bed

it is a security thing. we have the same problem!! i dont mind it, but it is really hard for either of us to sleep, but bub seems to be sleeping fine. i have spoken to our clinic about it, if you...

Tuesday 05 October 05:20pm

Annette replied to topic Formula Help

has your bub got reflux?? my 5 month old has had reflux since she was born. I dont think it will make a difference what formula you use, it is something they have to grow out of. i have been usin...

Tuesday 05 October 05:16pm

Annette replied to topic 5 months - ready for solids?

confusing is not the word. the clinic says one thing, you have family saying another, you read things etc ... for a first time mum i am so confused!!! i think if she didnt have ezcema i wouldnt b...

Sunday 03 October 06:20pm

Annette replied to topic itchy scalp ???

thanks for the replies. does anyone have a phobia of rubbing anything over the soft spot? or is it just me??

Sunday 03 October 06:12pm

Annette replied to topic Lose weight with me

i need to make a confession.... i just ate mcdonalds and am feeling really guilty about it!!!! have been so good watching what i eat, and then i go and do that......

Sunday 03 October 06:02pm

Annette started new topic 5 months - ready for solids?

hi my little girl is 5 months and i am really confused if i should start solids or not. the clinic say to wait until they are 6 months - but i think she is ready. she has ezcema and they say sta...

Saturday 02 October 10:51am
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