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murphette replied to topic CLEVER 6 MONTH OLD...ANY OTHER 6 MONTH OLDS DOING THIS???

Hi Both my girls were crawling properly at 6 mths and walking at 9 1/2 and 10 mths. My little man on the other hand is totally different he is 5 1/2 mths and doesn't roll and is not sitting by him...

Saturday 19 December 08:32am

murphette replied to topic Tooth Help

hiya hope the teeth probs have sorted themselves out, but if not and it is still dark around the gum it might be worth asking you dentist to have a look at it, the last thing you want is an absess ...

Saturday 19 December 08:22am

murphette replied to topic Teething rusks @ 4months??

My little man is teething (he is 5 1/2 mths) and I have given him teething rusks but stay right there with him, he loses interest quite quickly and doesn't even get the rusk mushy. Good luck [Edite...

Saturday 19 December 08:19am

murphette replied to topic Strawberry Haemangioma birth marks

Hi My DD (who will be 3 next week) had one. I noticed it when she was a couple of weeks old by her groin and thought it was nappy rash, but when it started getting bigger I took her to the Dr and ...

Friday 25 September 06:35am

murphette replied to topic UMBILICAL HERNIA / COLIC

Hi My 13wk old son has an inguinal hernia in his groin and is having surgery next month. I discovered his hernia at 6wks but they wouldn't do the surgery until he turned 3mths old. The hernia does...

Friday 25 September 04:00am

murphette replied to topic moisture in our unit!!!

Hi I saw at Bunnings yesterday a humi egg thats takes the moisture out of the air, when the room is dry the egg is blue and when it's wet it turns blue, you then empty the egg and place it back in ...

Saturday 29 August 07:29am

murphette replied to topic nipple thrush

thanks for the links and advice hopefully we will start clearing up now!

Friday 24 July 10:43am

murphette replied to topic nipple thrush

yes well you think the dr would have told me this since im not in the medical business, and we are not all know-it-all's I had no idea. Thanks for yr links

Wednesday 22 July 07:42am

murphette replied to topic Is is ok to take my 3 week old baby into a hospital with swin flu around?

Hi Thats a tough one, personally I would just go myself and leave bubs at home and wear a mask when there. Print off a picture for your grandmother to see,or if you have a video camera take some ...

Tuesday 21 July 07:28am

murphette started new topic nipple thrush

My DS will be 4wks tomorrow and has thrush in the mouth and on his bottom, the doctor gave me nystatin but said nothing to me about me getting it. DS has been on the nystatin for a week now and it...

Tuesday 21 July 07:19am
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