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Jax2 replied to topic need help on how to train my boy to use the toilet

Hi, My son had really bad nappy rash when he was little so I stopped using all barrier creams and used good old vaseline. The rash cleared up in no time and never had a problem since. There was som...

Tuesday 24 June 08:24am

Jax2 replied to topic Poo's in the Toilet

It's so good to know there are so many mums out there going through the same thing. I wonder if we all worry about it too much. I guess if we think they can go wees ok on the loo, why not poos. I ...

Saturday 21 June 06:16am

Jax2 replied to topic No Poos in the Loo

My 3 year old is in undies day and night and goes wees happily on the loo but when it comes to going poos on the loo, it's a disaster. We've been trying to coax him for a month or more now. He will...

Saturday 21 June 05:52am
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