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Mandeec replied to topic Strawberry patch

Hi I have a strawberry mark on my upper arm - it appeared not long after i was born. The drs told my mother it would go away as I grew up but it is still there and I am 29. It has faded a bit but ...

Sunday 30 November 08:30am

Mandeec replied to topic Teething Relief..??

Hylands teething tablets are great and have a money back guarentee - also brauer teething relief is great to - both are all natural stuff

Sunday 30 November 08:23am

Mandeec replied to topic thanks Brauers teething relief

Hylands teething tablets are also very very good - they are all natural and have a 100% moneyback guarentee

Sunday 30 November 08:22am

Mandeec replied to topic can formula cause eczema

Hey Vickie - I have had the same problem with my son - he has had very very dry skin from birth - I was told by the dr when he was a few weeks old that he would more than likely develop eczema - he...

Saturday 27 September 12:52pm

Mandeec replied to topic Avent Bottles?

I actually had that problem with the tomee tippee bottles, once I switched to the avent bottles it stopped - you are actually supposed to see bubbles in the bottle when baby is feeding - apparently...

Saturday 27 September 12:21pm

Mandeec replied to topic Morning Sickness at 32 Weeks?

I had morning sickness from 3 weeks pregnant til 37 weeks pregnant (when I had him!) Mine didnt go away at all

Friday 26 September 05:18pm

Mandeec replied to topic What to pack for c-sec stay

I would pack some extra surfboard maternity pads - i used them over my wound under my big nanna undies - they just offered a bit of extra padding and made it a bit more comfortable for me so my clo...

Friday 26 September 05:15pm

Mandeec replied to topic What are the best baby wipes - quality and value

I go to bunnings and grap a roll of chux (about $19.95 for 100) - these cut up into 4 squares each wipes so you are actually getting 400 out of each roll. I use them with warm water - It was recomm...

Wednesday 24 September 07:05am

Mandeec replied to topic ANy FACEBOOK MUMMIES OUT THERE???

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm addicted to facebook lol - I have a six month old son - If you want to add me pm your details and I will add you - Also for facebook mummies there is a group Aussie mums and b...

Wednesday 24 September 07:02am

Mandeec replied to topic fees/costs regarding c section in a public hospital?

I seen an ob privately during my pregnancy but had booked into the hospital as a public patient - my ob worked at that hospital anyway so when I needed to have an emergency c/section due to complic...

Wednesday 24 September 06:53am

Mandeec replied to topic Should i be doing anti natal classes if c/s is booked?

I did the antenatal class but ended up having an emergency c/s anyway - it was definately beneficial for me as it was my first child - they dont just go through the birth situation they also teach ...

Wednesday 24 September 06:49am

Mandeec replied to topic To mums who use Karicare formula

Hi - I originally had my son on the karicare gold but this made him constipated - I switched to the regular karicare and he has been fine on this (he is 6 months today and has been on the regular k...

Monday 22 September 05:50pm

Mandeec replied to topic thanks huggies!

I also had problems with them and sent a complaint through - I spoke to a lovely lady who was very helpful - she said they are updating their product at the moment as there have been a few complain...

Sunday 21 September 09:09am

Mandeec replied to topic HELP.........RASH!!!!!

my son has a rash under his neck I have been putting curash powder under it several times a day as the powder helps soak up sweat, dribble etc and this has really cleared it up

Sunday 21 September 09:05am

Mandeec replied to topic wont eat veggies

I actually tried sweet potato today mixed with apple and he ate it - YAY - I will take what I can get

Thursday 18 September 03:49pm

Mandeec replied to topic weight loss post birth

I actually walked out of hospital 10kgs lighter than when I fell pregnant (due to severe all day sickness) - unfortunately I couldnt breastfeed and have put most of it back on in the 6 months since...

Thursday 18 September 06:09am

Mandeec replied to topic Chiropractics

I took my son to the chiro for colic as well - after a few visits he was much improved (he was only about 5 - 6 weeks when i took him so it was before the 3 months and I am convinced it helped him!...

Thursday 18 September 06:07am

Mandeec replied to topic Discrimination in the workplace over returning to full time paid employment

Its illegal in Australia to - contact Industrial Relations their website is - you should be able to find their contact details on that - he shouldnt be ab...

Thursday 18 September 06:03am

Mandeec replied to topic wont eat veggies

I have tried sweet potato, pumpkin, etc but he refuses to eat them - he wasnt to bad on the sweet corn but thats about it - what is annoying is he originally ate pumpkin & avacado (I have tried a f...

Thursday 18 September 05:52am

Mandeec started new topic wont eat veggies

I have started my 6 month old on solids. He has been eating them for around the last two weeks. In the morning he has some rice ceral mixed with pureed fruit (he wouldnt eat it by itself). The prob...

Wednesday 17 September 01:39pm
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