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From what I can gather the GP would want you to continue with clexane as you sound like you must have a high risk of clots? & this would decrease your risk of getting any, be that in your chest, legs, etc As far as I'm aware this would pose no risk to bubs, but may have to be induced & monitored during labour

Keep at it, these days are the worst! You are nearly there. Once you get on the scales at the end of the week it'll be worth it. Xx

Hey Tiggy, how did you go today?? On my 3 day detox I ate chicken, tuna (lots of tuna), eggs (boiled, poaches,fried), and small red meat portions. Those 3 days are he'll, but once you've done them you'll never do them again!! If you can make it through the first 3 days, the rest is a breeze. I remember feeling a bit light headed initially. Xx

It is a diet plan, what you buy is a book & DVDs which explain the program, etc. it is predominantly high protein, low carbs. You can have carbs at breakfast. Basically you eat protein atleast every 3 hrs, at lunch & dinner you can have salad/vegies with your protein. I ate bacon & eggs on toast for b/fast every day for months, lol! As long as you like meat, you can cope with this diet, you never go hungry

I did it after having DS1, it was fantastic! I lost about 20kg and got below my per baby weight. I found it good because firstly I love meat (lucky) & secondly because I got a day off per week so I could treat myself. I highly recommend it. Happy to answer any questions

Hi Zimbee, I have had 2 induced labours. The first induction I would call pretty terrible, my waters were broken & cyntocin started immediately after, then BANG it was on! I had what felt like contraction on top of contraction with no breaks in between & I vomited the whole time. I ended up having an epidural after 6 hours (it was amazing, lol) and DS was born 1 1/2 hrs later. I was still able to feel the urge to push & pushed no problem. The second induction was much more pleasant (as far as labor goes). I had my waters broken & they gave me an hour to get going on my own - fail! Cyntocin started, no vomiting, dilated quite quickly, still quite intense but not nearly as traumatic, had breaks between contractions. Had an epidural, 10 minutes later bubs was born. Labor was only 2 3/4 hrs. I have never gone into labour naturally, but from what I can gather the worst thing about induction is that there is no easing into labour, it just hits you like a ton of bricks & it's on. I wou...

Hey there, With DS1 my pregnancy tests came back negative for 2 weeks post when my period was due. I had done numerous tests and was left thinking that my cycle must just be out of whack! But nope, finally got a positive. So there is hope. Maybe make a GP appt for early next & have bloods done if AF doesn't show by then Fingers crossed x

1. No 2. 170cm 3. A new handbag 4. Have a break!! 5. No way, that's what hairdressers are for 6. Stainless 7. No, but looking forward to being 30!! 8. 29 9. Boys 10. 21

I too really struggled with constipation through both my pregnancies. What I found worked best was as previously mentioned - increase water intake, fresh pears & also just plain coloxyl (not with senna). It's the senna component which can stimulate contractions therefor coloxyl is very safe. I almost consumed a whole bottle during my pregnsncy. Also, I found that Elevit has extremely high amounts of iron in it, whereas blackmores pregnancy gold had somewhat less (although still within recommended doses for pregnancy). So if your on Elevit I'd suggest changing over. Goodluck, being constipated is awful

Hi Lola I am a BRCA1 carrier. I have known that I have the gene since 2009. Are you also a carrier or are you more looking for information?