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Congratulations for getting through your first week! It is by far the hardest week of all. I have been doing it since june to try and lose those last kilo's after having DS and have so far lost 15.5kg which has put me 7kg under my pre baby weight. It's amazing how fast you adjust to the bodytrim lifestyle, and I love my free days. How did you go with your first weeks weigh in?

I went to a day stay program which was fantastic. It just helps get you some sort of routine/structure to your day and techniques for resettling. It certainly gave me some sanity. I strongly recommend it, although i am not following there routine exactly now (7 months later) it gave me strategies and also confidence. Goodluck, I hope you go through with it

Oh dear!!! I reckon try the magic eraser. Also i think Mr. Muscle can usually clean anything up Goodluck

Hi. There is one called Emla cream, it also comes in a patch. Unsure if its available over the counter though. If you get the immunisations done at your GP they should be able to give it to you there. Goodluck

Congratulations! I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and was able to see my peanut and heard his little heart beating. Hope all goes well for you

I am just wondering if anyones DS has/had a hydrocele? and what did they do about it? My 8 month old DS has one and we don't see the peadiatric surgeon until next month and am just after any info Thanks in advance

Wow, that must have been so scary for you. Sleeping bags are a really sood idea, maybe you could order one online since you don't have any in town? In the meantime, how would your bub go being wrapped? Even if it just from under the arms down. Good sleeping bags that i can suggest are Snugtime and Grobag. Goodluck

It sounds like your doing a great job! 3-4 hourly feeds are normal, but sometimes they have hungry days so it may be a little more frequent. How I was shown to work out how much formula to give was: 150mls per kilo per day divided by how many feeds per day, eg, baby weight 5kg, 6 feeds per day (5x150mls=750mls, 750mls/6feeds= 125mls per bottle. If you think your baby is hungry, by all means give them more. I remember starting my 4 week old DS on formula and it stressed me out, as I too was worrying about overfeeding, but at the end of the day - your baby will let you know how much they need. Goodluck

Definately go see a chiro. My DS also could not turn his neck one way, had a few adjustments (no crunching/cracking involved btw)and fixed the problem quickly. Apparently it is recommended that all babies get checked by a chiro soon after birth as it is quite common to have problems, traumatic labor or not. Good luck, hope this helps

Have they tried you on metaclopramide (Maxalon). This drug is used commonly in pregnancy for nausea and vomiting? Just confused as to why they would choose stemetil as first line treatment if this is the case.