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[email protected] replied to topic How long will it last?

Hi Melody, If you have faith in your husband & you dont lose any trust in each other you will find after the baby is born you will be even closer but when your baby gets older dont ...

Monday 06 October 09:42am

[email protected] started new topic C Section/natural

I am a mother of 2 boys & iam expecting another baby in April 04. I have had 2 C Sections & dont know if the next is going to be or not i dont know how to feel about the birth as if i do end up hav...

Monday 06 October 09:27am

[email protected] started new topic I have two boys & now another baby on the way

I have two boys one 5 in March & the other 3 on Monday & found out im fourteen weeks pregnant i now that there many women out there with two or more children but i dont know if i want to be one of ...

Monday 06 October 08:56am
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