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Can anyone tell me what the difference in hot potato floor and hot potato lower, upper and lower tickets are?? And do I buy a ticket for each of us, ie. myself, my husband and my son?? My friend tells me she does not buy one for her kids as they sit on her knee. But i think I should as they are attending the show. That's if I can actually get some tickets! Everything seems to be single tickets only!!

Can anyone advise when I should start the pill again, my Ob wrote me up a new prescription for the pill the night I had my daughter. Now I am unsure when to start it, but didn't want to bother him at his office to ask this question. Should I wait for the post partum bleeding to finish and my first period or can I start it anytime?? After my son, my ob (I had a different ob for that pregnancy to now) wrote me out a script at my 6 week check up. And I started it soon after. Edited to add - I am bottle feeding this bub, she was born on 11th June. [Edited on 01/07/2008]

With this bub I have been bottle feeding since birth, for personal reasons chose not to breast feed this time. She was born on 11 June, so just about hitting 3 weeks of age now. Just a question regarding periods, how long until it's likely to be back considering I am not feeding? I have a prescription for the pill to start, but not sure when to start that either, should I wait for the post-partum bleeding to finish and for my first period to happen first??

I don't know if other mums have seen this site, I am just checking it out today, was told about it by a friend.

I have only used disposable both times, in hossy after weighing bubs when they were both born, they used cloth nappies and put them in a hospital baby gown. I changed them straight over to a disposable and one of myoutfits I had packed, I hate the bulk of a cloth nappy, they do not seem to look comfortable to me!