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could you pop into your local hosy just to get her checked out?? I would if it were me, otherwise I'd stress until I got to see the doc thinking '"what if's for the next 24 hrs" Good luck, let us know how you get on xx

and here is the facebook link cheers

bump... struggled to find this thread to give the links to someone. just bumping so I can find it again later

well... I know a certain someone who makes awesome invites... her hugs name is Stephanea check out her EBAY STORE and I will get back to you with her facebook page......just have to track it down.

relax, and have lots of fun BD'ing Best of luck with TTC, hope you get your BFP soon!

welcome back. Hope he didn't hack too much on you, banking etc as well as hugs and facebook, hope you have changed all your passwrods! Hope all is okay.

My DS is 23 mths now, and since birth whenever we had the leakage that you speak of, we moved up a nappy size and it worked a treat. Good Luck.

I had a tommee tippee one, and I got rid of it when DS was about 2 months old. He is now 23 mths old and I still use the nappy sacks you can buy from supermarket or freezer bags and take his nappies straught outside to the bin. DD is 8 weeks and we just put her nappies into bags aswell and put straight outside in the big bin. For me the thought of nappies smelly pooey nappies sitting in the bubs room for a few days until it gets full, It was a real turn off. I used to empty the nappy wrapper each day as I couldn't stand the thought of dirty nappies sitting in the room, in the end got so sick of tying the bag and restarting it every day, I just stopped using it. It does trap the smell, but you can still get a whiff of the nappies odour when you lift the lid to put another in. IMO it was an abolsute waste of money and I don't see the point in them.

I have not expereinced what your going through. But I can only guess it's entirely normal, you had the lil bubba inside you for 9 mths, takes a bit to get used to having your body back, and no little one belting your inside till they are black and blue! Although I must say, when I had DD in June, she came at 6.11pm. That night in bed, I woke up to the sound of a baby crying, sat up in bed and thought to myself WTF why is there a baby crying??? It took me a minute to realise, oh sh.t, that's my baby, I am in hospital and I have had a baby today! I must have been really out of it and sound asleep, the middies and I thought it was hillarious that I had no idea the newborn cry that woke me up was my own. Been a long time since I Have heard crying at night!! (she is my decond child, have a ds who is almost 2yo) Needless to say, I jumped out of bed and tended to her, I didn't just go back to sleep, lol.

Wow, we are lucky to hit 10 degrees here at the warmest part of the day lately! Care to trade places????