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OMG I know what you mean. I am a sympathy chucker. If I smell spew - I spew! So DS has had gastro once in his 23 mths of age when he was about 10 mths old, and every time he chucked I was there dry retching and fighting to urge to vomit, clean ups took forever!!!! I am almost gagging now at the thought of it - I really can not handle spew! I am thankful that both DS and DD have not been chuckers as babies!! My friend told me a story of her DD (4 yo) coming into her room, mummy I feel yukky, then whammo a massive projectile vomit (I am dry retching now as I write this) right onto their bed, covered the pillows, the doona the sheets, all over the floor and allover the mum. The little girl didnt get a drop on her. EEEWWWW!!! If it were me, I would have hurled instantly!!

Good luck today Jaz - I hope you can both work through things and get something sorted so you both know where each other stands. Rather than things being up in the air still. We are all hear for you if/when you need us if things don't go too well today xxx

wow katey, your lil charlie has grown so much!! uou have such a cute preg belly, how many weeks is that pic?, how long to go now??? I forget when you are due..

can you look him up on whitepages? do you know the suburb/town he lives in and his surname? you should be able to find it if you have those details.

does she have a day sleep?

3, 2, 4, 1 that's my order for them naomi. He is soooooo cute!!!

did you ring his mates house yet to see if he is there??

Jas, I have no idea what to think.. Just wanted to say hope your doing okay, and the girls are too being away from home etc. Perhaps staying in the house but in another room might be better for you 3 (you and the girls instead of being out and about and trekking back and forth to get things each day or so) in the meantime until you and DH can talk and see what's happening. It may work out that you and DH can resove any issues and have a big open chat, perhaps do some counselling and get things back the way they were, all the while keeping the kids more settled in the one place iykwim?

poor little mite Hope she's right tomorrow. Good sign that she is happy enough though!!

worst thing abs, is it will take about 5-7 days for a new card to reach you in the mail. Your stuck without a card for the next week or so, looks like your off to the bank to draw out cash on monday. What a moron that guy is, hope he gets in trouble for his stupid actions. Let us know how you go with the complaint to the manager.