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Firstly I know this is not a 'general topic' and some may find it upsetting, but I need help to write in a card now tonight. I just got a text from my SIL to let me know she has just miscarried. I am devastated for them. She said she sent a text as she is not able to speak about it with anyone at the moment, and she does not know what to do.. I have tears streaming down my face now, I want to ring her or go and see her, but I know she wants time alone. She has been trying to fall pregnant for just over 2.5 years now, and finally found out she was preg just after my DD arrived. She was 10 weeks when she miscarried today. I have a blank card here, I want to write something, but I have no idea how to put what I want to say to her on paper. I have a poem that I want to write in the card, but I have no idea what else to write in the card for her. Can someone help me work out what I am meant to say, i myself have never had a m/c before, and have had no one IRL close to me have one e...

thankyou all very much! we appreciate your votes, hope e huggies bubby wins!!

Well that will make me do it, cos then I'd finally get to meet you and Judd!! Yay!!

lovemyboys - I would have crumbled for sure! reading steph'as post the other fay I had tears streaming down my face and the shakes, and it was reading someone else's story, I can't even begin to imagine what flashes through your mind when it's you in the situation! I am just so glad he is okay!!

or what??? lol only joking. I bet someone does though!

rach - let us know how you get on. Hope its nothing to worry about.

photo steph??

oops, that was to say PlSSED and hugs put stars in it!

A bit freakish I think - if you were the chick outside in the nightie you'd be a bit pissed!! lol

I was just going to say, scan it and photoshop it! Cut him out, blur himout etc. I love tigers they are gorgeous, that guy on there now with the tigers has the best job in the world!!