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greenkaren replied to topic Toilet Training - poo

My son who is 3 1/2 has the same problem and will hold in the poo rather than let it go.I was told by the paediatrician that eventually they work it out for themselves but just to keep encouraging ...

Sunday 25 March 10:37am

greenkaren replied to topic Total refusal to use toilet/potty

I have an almost 3 year old daughter who has NO interest AT ALL to use the toilet or potty. She has used the toilet a couple of times to do wees in the past, but that has now stopped. I am curre...

Friday 11 November 12:49am

greenkaren replied to topic How Many Dads Change Pooey Nappies??

HAHAHAHA..... you people are funny, my partner barely changes regular nappies let alone pooie ones. and lets face it its easier for me to do it without the moaning and the whinging and the "OMG ...

Friday 14 May 02:14am

greenkaren replied to topic Where has my sex drive gone? let me know if you find it lol

I 100% aggree with you there!!! I think at one time or another we all feel the same.Sex becomes a bit of a chore to fit in with all the other things us Mummies have to do.Honestly by the end of ...

Friday 14 May 02:12am

greenkaren started new topic constipation in my 20mth old

My son is 20 months old and gets severe constipation.I have tried giving him prune juice,pears and he does have lots of fruit and veges in his diet, I have even cut back on dairy as the clinic nurs...

Friday 14 May 01:50am

greenkaren replied to topic Big age gap between children

I have a ten year old boy and I am five weeks pregnant with my second, has anyone had a ten year age gap between kids and how did they go? cheers Jo Hi Ihave a 10 year gap between my toddler and...

Friday 14 May 01:40am

greenkaren replied to topic 15 month old chucking tantrams at bedtime????

Wow this sounds exactly like our house at the moment.After getting him checked out by the doctor she found he was healthy I spoke to our health nurse who said (and I could have killed her) its just...

Friday 15 January 11:11am

greenkaren replied to topic Asthma question

Nobody can determine how bad asthma will get.My son got asthma around 18 months old and is now 11 and is still classed as an asthmatic.He got quite bad at 2 yrs old and was in and out of hospital a...

Friday 16 October 10:59pm

greenkaren replied to topic Ants in the cot - help!

The best thing to do for ants is put some talcum powder down as the ants hate powder and will not go near it.Place some on the floor below the cot and maybe just sprinkle some around the edge of th...

Friday 16 October 10:48pm

greenkaren replied to topic moisture in our unit!!!

We get moisture all the time in our house as it gets a bit damp underneath it and find that we had to use some damp-rid containers from bunnings.We put 1 under the bed/cot and in the wardrobe.Its h...

Friday 16 October 10:36pm

greenkaren started new topic Some lunchtime ideas please.

We will be going away soon for 1 week to QLD and will be out at the theme parks probably all day.My son will be 12 months old. He loves to have veges for lunch but I am wanting ideas for packed lun...

Thursday 20 August 05:09pm

greenkaren replied to topic Finger food help please...

My son is also nearly 11 months and I have the same problem.I have been told to give more finger foods but find that he either throws it away or puts it all in at once. I give him the toddler rice ...

Thursday 20 August 04:57pm

greenkaren replied to topic Some people really annoy me!!

I have three children.1st aged 12 1/2 yrs, 2nd 11 years and an 8 month old baby and I haven't worked since my 1st was born. We manage ok on one wage and I have enjoyed being home as a Mummy.I get t...

Wednesday 27 May 10:19am

greenkaren replied to topic 6mth old hates been on her tummy

Wow sounds exactly like my son.He is 8 months old and hates tummy time.He would rather sit and play with his toys and will happily do this for long periods of time either by himself or with My fami...

Wednesday 27 May 10:02am

greenkaren replied to topic Having a second bub after a c-section

Hi I had my son quite soon after my daughter who was born by C-Section. They were 19 months apart. I actually didn't know at the time but you should wait at least 12 months after a c-section for yo...

Wednesday 27 May 09:54am

greenkaren replied to topic Grizzly 4 month old...HELP!

I remember back when my son was doing this also.He is 8 months old now. When he got to 4 months he became really clingy and I was always carrying him around or the rest of the family were. I ended ...

Wednesday 27 May 09:42am

greenkaren replied to topic Babies first real cold

Hi it seems like you are doing all the right things. My son was 4 weeks old when he had his first cold and was sick for about two weeks with it. It was horrible and I was so worried but I did the s...

Wednesday 27 May 09:35am

greenkaren replied to topic Having babies close together

My children were 19 months apart. It took me a long time to get pregnant with my daughter (quite a few years) so we decided to try pretty soon after I had her.Well it didn't take as long to get pre...

Wednesday 27 May 09:29am

greenkaren replied to topic what to feed between lunch and dinner?

Hi this is the meal plan that I was given for my son who is 7 months. This plan is for 7-9 months. Morning feed at 5-5.30am as this is the time he wakes up - Milk Breakfast about 7.30am - 2-4 table...

Sunday 10 May 05:54pm

greenkaren replied to topic Does your baby sleep less?

My son is 7 months old and he also has started waking in the past few weeks for food.I can actually hear his little tummy grumbling. I noticed since I started giving him his solids first and the th...

Sunday 10 May 05:35pm
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