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Ruth replied to topic CS Scar- pain during pregnancy?

Hi Ladies, I'm a Mum of 4, number 5 due today 3rd May. I have had 4 c-sections and am trying for a VBAC. My hubby and I did heaps or research about VBAC's and found this website.

Monday 03 May 06:28pm

Ruth replied to topic My bloody mother

Hi there, I know how you feel. My Dad is dutch so my girls call him Opa, but as my mum isn't, she didn't want to be called Oma. So instead we she is called Ma. My husbands mum is Nana, so it's n...

Wednesday 29 March 06:17am

Ruth replied to topic 1st Time Pregnancy - Help!

Hi Sarah, If you are craving things like cheese, ice cream and chocolate it could be your bodies way of telling you that you need more calcium in your diet. I was craving things like marmite, fla...

Wednesday 22 March 05:50am

Ruth replied to topic Eli- How do you pronounce it?

Hey Sleeping, Lovely name - did you know that the name Eli comes from the Bible? So not a girls name. It's Hebrew and means - The Highest. Pronounced like it sounds E-lie....Eli Great name for ...

Tuesday 21 March 12:47pm

Ruth replied to topic Lying on back?!

Hi there, If possible lay on your left side (right side also find), it's the best position for your baby to get oxygen and blood supplied to him/her. Lying on your back (as one other lady said) is...

Tuesday 21 March 12:40pm

Ruth replied to topic C-Sections

Hey Snow Princess, I'm in my 3rd pregnancy after having two c-sections with my girls. The first was emergency c-sect (2 weeks overdue, induced and then her heart rate shot up so she had to come ou...

Tuesday 21 March 12:26pm
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