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*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Help pelvic bone pain :(

I know exactly what you're feeling! This is my third pregnancy, and I'm already suffering PSD this early. It's the cartilage that holds your pubic bone together being softened by the hormones of ...

Monday 22 February 01:34pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Question for parents of 4yr olds.

DS is about 95cm and 12.3kg... He's a little guy! He'll be 4 in 4 days *sob*!!! Were the weights done on different scales? Because Taylor has weighed 14kg on another set of scales, but they were...

Sunday 17 January 06:22pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic When did you start showing?

This is my third bubba, and I popped out at about 20 weeks. With my first, it wasn't until 28 or so weeks. With my second, about 20 weeks. Pre-pregnancy I am 158cm, about 60kg and a size 10. ...

Saturday 16 January 07:25pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic Is this very common?

We've chosen... Lucy Elizabeth Is Lucy very common these days? I don't want a really common name, as when I was in school there was at least 4 Jessica's in all of my classes! But I'd like to sti...

Saturday 02 January 04:23pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Why aren't I showing yet???

You're not the only one! This is my third, and I'm still not really showing ( The only thing that it's doing, is pushing my fat up, so I'm looking podgier LOL!

Wednesday 25 November 09:59pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic Help to decide!!

Hubby has decided he LOVES the name Spencer (surprising for him, he's into traditional names!) We can't think of a middle name though! We haven't really got any family to name bub after, as that'...

Wednesday 11 November 06:04pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Toby/Tobias

LOVE Toby!! My little man is Tobey, but Toby is fine too! We didn't like Tobias, and Toby seemed a bit short (not to mention I used to have a major crush on Tobey Maguire when I was little!) I...

Wednesday 28 October 01:14pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic breastpads. whats good and whats bad?

I totally agree about the Avent reusable ones... They were pathetic! No waterproofing at all. Not worth the money.

Wednesday 28 October 01:10pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Toby/Tobey/Tobie for a girl???

My little man is Tobey... So definitely a no from me! But *if* I had to name a girl this, I would go with Tobi )

Friday 23 October 10:12pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic bubba vomiting blood

Same thing happened to me. Perfectly normal )

Friday 23 October 10:07pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Not enjoying BF feel useless

You have done a great job to get to 7 days. Just think, every day your lovely baby is lucky enough to get breastmilk, you've done an AWESOME job! It took me over 12 weeks to suddenly realise I kn...

Friday 23 October 10:05pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic breastpads. whats good and whats bad?

I've made my own <span class="emoticon gasp">gasp</span>) I just cut out some circles of scrap materials I had around home like bamboo, hemp and also flannelette. I backed them with P...

Friday 23 October 09:51pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic Help with baby boy names!

I'm only 4 weeks pregnant at this stage but I can't help preparing! So far, I like Mason Hunter Oliver Mitchell Middle name will most likely be Rick or Richard DH doesn't like the top two, and th...

Sunday 13 September 05:51pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic calling all MCN users

I usually just take my big nappy bucket if going away. I've also seen Jamtots laundry bag and thinking about getting one... It looks li...

Saturday 14 March 06:21pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic I just want to cry :-(

I'm so upset and frustrated right now... I've been breastfeeding DS for nearly 9 months now and in the last few days he just wont feed from me. He just cries as soon as I put the breast near his m...

Saturday 07 March 08:36pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic Fussy BF baby...

DS is 7 months and is fully BF except for 1 day a week when he goes to daycare (I'm starting back at uni). This will go up to 4 days a week at the end of Febuary. Since properly starting solids an...

Monday 19 January 09:13pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Paypal Q

Thanks for that!

Sunday 18 January 04:52pm

*~TnTsMum~* started new topic Paypal Q

I paid for something last night and it has gone through, but it says it's unclaimed. Does the seller have to somehow claim it? She has emailed me saying that her balance is still $0. This is her fi...

Sunday 18 January 04:23pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic A Big Fat GOOD LUCK

Nawww thanks!!! OMG I can't believe it's tomorrow! Oh and Claire and I will be coming to your house at 8 and we can just all go straight there... eeeek!!! Thanks again, couldn't have done this wi...

Sunday 11 January 07:07pm

*~TnTsMum~* replied to topic Cloth V's disposable

Love love love cloth! The terry flats are good for newborns however when bubby starts moving a bit (around 3-4months) I found them quite difficult to get on. That's when I started using MCN's. I w...

Saturday 10 January 11:24pm
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