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_butterfly_ replied to topic Subchorionic Hematoma

I had one with my 3rd child for no obvious reason. At about 6 weeks I have a small amount of bleeding, more like spotting and went for an ultrasound which showed everything was fine. Had a little m...

Sunday 12 February 02:51am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Parent Carparks

We don't have parent parks in our town. It would be great if we did, I have a 4 year old, 23 month old, and a 3 month old and we have a really stupid carpark at our local supermarket. There is parr...

Sunday 15 January 12:12am

_butterfly_ replied to topic what an idiot i am

I had food poisoning when I was pregnant with my daughter at around 14 weeks I think it was, from eating pizza. It was pretty horrible, I had really bad stomach cramps, couldn't keep anything down...

Monday 17 October 05:42am

_butterfly_ replied to topic 4 year old health checks

Where can I read about the immunisation part?? I can't find anything that says that. This link says that the person perf...

Friday 12 August 08:34am

_butterfly_ replied to topic 4 year old health checks

I am glad you have let go of your tongue! Don't bite it, just say it! For me personally, I don't compromise my beliefs to get money from the gov. Yes I absolutely know there are people with cra...

Friday 12 August 08:15am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Immunisation Information

I don't have any links sorry or much info, but the 18 month needle is the chickenpox needle which I don't think has any link to autism. Only the MMR which is the 12 month needle so her oldest child...

Thursday 02 June 12:27am

_butterfly_ replied to topic baby sales

Target and big w normally have big nursery sales when they have their toy sales in June/July.

Wednesday 18 May 07:07am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Gallstones and TTC

I developed gallstones while I was pregnant with my son. You are much more likely to get them during pregnancy because of hormones, so yes you are also more prone to attacks when pregnant. As I go...

Wednesday 18 May 01:55am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Anyone use SMA formula???

I haven't used it, I've only used karicare for my kids but I thought I'd let you know seeing you wanted to avoid S26 that SMA is actually made by S26. But both of your sons are different so it coul...

Monday 16 May 12:48am

_butterfly_ replied to topic iPad apps for kids

On my phone I have Kid mode by Zoodles. It is an app that you make a profile for your kid and put a photo on so they know which is theirs, and you put in their birth date so it always updates all t...

Thursday 12 May 12:20am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Anyone good at maths??

Well.... I am glad I am not studying geography!!!! Sorry I couldn't help! lol

Friday 15 April 07:07am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Baby teeth question!

Thanks, I'm hoping it just his baby tooth falling out, the more I think about it the moreI worry! lol I am going to make him a dentist appointment tomorrow though because he still hasn't had his f...

Friday 15 April 07:05am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Baby teeth question!

Thanks for that. I just thought it's strange because he's so young, also that the tooth is a bit crooked and I thought they lost the bottom teeth first, not the top?

Friday 15 April 06:05am

_butterfly_ started new topic Baby teeth question!

What age do kids normally lose their baby teeth? How old were your kids? DS is 4 and I have noticed in the last few days that one of his top front teeth looked a bit crooked. I didn't pay much att...

Friday 15 April 05:31am

_butterfly_ replied to topic when you were/are pregnant....

I generally stick to the rules lol I am pregnant with my 3rd and have done pretty much the same through all pregnancys. I don't like risking it especially since I have had food poisoning while I'v...

Thursday 14 April 07:02am

_butterfly_ replied to topic photos taken straight after birth

Bit of a odd question- for those of you that have photos of bub straight after birth, who took the photos? With DS we didn't really think of it so don't have any until until a bit later and he w...

Saturday 09 April 03:52am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Dinner...

We are just having sweet and sour sausages with pasta.

Saturday 09 April 03:49am

_butterfly_ replied to topic Very interesting

I thought when you blocked someone their whole actual post wont show up, not just a post with no name?

Friday 08 April 09:08pm

_butterfly_ replied to topic What does this look like?

Looks like school sores to me.

Friday 08 April 08:31pm

_butterfly_ started new topic Subchorionic haemorrhage

I know, wrong section but I'm hoping for answers! I am about 11w3d pregnant and I've had a bit of bleeding on and off all the way through so far. I had an early ultrasound and as far as I know eve...

Friday 01 April 01:31am
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