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nyrrek replied to topic mil does it again !

I, too, think this is a major over-reaction. I can understand your discomfort, perhaps, at her state of 'undress', but to call it disgusting says more about you than her. As far as being bra-less b...

Monday 30 April 03:35pm

nyrrek replied to topic Second Pregnancy and Second Breech!!

Hey Janeen. I'm sorry to hear how your big OB and accupuncture day went...I bet you weren't too comfortable that wonder! I have heard of the moxa sticks and didn't think they would be us...

Monday 16 May 06:05pm

nyrrek replied to topic Little girls fashions!

I agrree with the problems with little girl's clothing. The problem we have is that as soon as you go past the size 5 bracket, it is either trashy or sporty. I have a girly girl who wants to wear s...

Saturday 11 December 11:18am

nyrrek replied to topic no more training wheels.

That is very cool! The fake spills made me laugh! Clever boy!

Friday 22 October 02:51pm

nyrrek replied to topic Chat rooms for kids

The idea of an MSN group is a great idea Steph. You can patrol who gets access. I'll keep this in mind for my kids as they get a bit older. My son is 9 but spends his computer time at Nickelodeon a...

Thursday 14 October 06:56am

nyrrek replied to topic Paint & Playdough!!!!!

I jus keep it in the pantry. It still lasts a long time. An icecream container should be fine..have fun!

Saturday 02 October 03:35pm

nyrrek replied to topic Toys!

Ikea sells a wooden chest with a removable lid. You could just not use the lid if you don't want to. They have a website if you don't have a catalogue. They are plain pine, perfect for decorating.

Saturday 02 October 03:33pm

nyrrek replied to topic Toilet training a 12 month old - is it possible?

You can buy padded, towelling training pants at places like Best and Less. Quite cheap, too.

Saturday 02 October 03:30pm

nyrrek replied to topic Is it common to be so sad????

Forgot to mention it's called 'antenatal depression' too. esp in Australia. Try asearch with that name.

Thursday 30 September 05:56am

nyrrek replied to topic Is it common to be so sad????

There is a condition called 'prenatal depression'. We have all heard of postnatal depression, but there is information available for those experiencing depression during pregnancy. While you may no...

Thursday 30 September 05:12am

nyrrek replied to topic Snacks / Fingerfoods

Try cutting cheese (like Kraft cheddar) with a vegetable peeler. You get really thin slices that are easily handled, but not a choking hazard.

Tuesday 28 September 03:30pm

nyrrek replied to topic Nice surprise

My husband says babies say Daddy first because the baby spends all day listening to Mum whinge about him.."Your Daddy this", "Your Daddy that". Just a theory from the man's side! lol.

Tuesday 28 September 03:22pm

nyrrek replied to topic Your Pregnancy Tips

I would invest in a crop-top maternity bra and use breast pads. These have the support of a bra, without the tightness. Otherwise I have heard of some women wearing a singlet with a built-in bra su...

Saturday 25 September 07:31pm

nyrrek replied to topic Girls names

I think Shanaye is very pretty. Xanthe is the daughter of one of my friends and it is pronounced 'Zanthee'. I really love her name. Her sister is Daria. They are gorgeous girls and both really suit...

Saturday 25 September 07:14pm

nyrrek replied to topic Any new lunch ideas ??

My kids love corn thins with vegemite. I make little cubes of cheese and luncheon meat with sauce for dipping. My kids like pocket (pita) bread, too. I make mini hotdogs with bake-at-home breadroll...

Friday 24 September 07:48pm

nyrrek replied to topic Princess Party ...

OOOhh I wanna come too! It sounds perfect - have a great celebration and tell us how it went.

Friday 24 September 07:44pm

nyrrek replied to topic Anyone got teenagers?

Essential Baby has a forum for parents of teenagers. You could try there. It's Good Luck!

Friday 24 September 06:12am

nyrrek replied to topic I cant stop snapping!!

I thought it said "I can't stop snacking!". We need to open our eyes more. I just wanted to say that it is great that you are aware of the problem of being a bit moody. At least you can acknowledge...

Friday 24 September 05:08am

nyrrek replied to topic Showering with baby?

I bath my son at night as part of his night time routine. If he is smelly in the morning after his night nappy I give him another bath or a wash with a cloth. Sometimes he comes in with me. My son ...

Thursday 23 September 01:16pm

nyrrek replied to topic Clothes for boys

That's the thing about ebay sometimes. When you factor in the postage, too, you have to make sure it is economical. I go to Kids Kaboodle at Coorparoo. It is in Eva street. Little People's Linen a...

Thursday 23 September 10:36am
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