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Acres family

Acres family replied to topic No interest in standing

My 10 month old daughter started crawling at 6 months and then straight away started cruising around on the furniture. she now is starting to walk as she takes 10 steps. I found having her around o...

Wednesday 26 February 02:08pm
Acres family

Acres family replied to topic Fussy Eater

I have a 10 month old and since i started her on solids she is very fussy. I think its because i feed her too much milk and she fills up an that. So maybe try not to give him as much milk and feed ...

Wednesday 26 February 01:57pm
Acres family

Acres family replied to topic Nappy Rash

As a natural remidie to nappy rash, allow your baby to spend time without it's nappy on, this allows it to air out. It worked better than creams for me.

Wednesday 26 February 01:51pm
Acres family
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