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Cailin replied to topic Would you terminate your pregnancy at 20 weeks IF

No. End of. I hope it's not something I ever have to deal with , but if it did happen, our baby would still be our baby and would still be loved by us completely. We have family who have DS and ye...

Thursday 18 March 07:29am

Cailin replied to topic help with boys and girls names

oooh some gorgeous names there - I LOVE, Chloe, Ruby or Amelia for a girl or Samuel, Benjamin or Charlie for a boy. Best of luck with the next few weeks - they'll fly by!

Thursday 18 March 01:30am

Cailin replied to topic A nod to the Irish

ooooh soda bread - haven't made any in ages... but you've put the longing on me now!! Can't get black pudding over here (and no way I'm going to even try to make my own ) Hmmm I miss Irish food,...

Wednesday 17 March 12:57am

Cailin replied to topic A nod to the Irish

Yay for us Irish!!! Going to have a Paddy's Day Party here on Sat..... which reminds me must get my thinking cap on re Irish / "Green" things to serve. All suggestions gratefully received. Go ra...

Tuesday 16 March 11:51pm

Cailin replied to topic Rehoming Cats

SPCA might be able to help???

Tuesday 16 March 05:27am

Cailin replied to topic Did you know

I have to say I'm slightly bemused by it too........ I knew there was a correlation between how much food a toddler ate and how much milk they would physically WANT to drink - makes sense that if ...

Tuesday 16 March 05:24am

Cailin replied to topic My sister is having her baby..

Oh he's gorgeous!!!! Well done to her

Tuesday 16 March 05:00am

Cailin replied to topic Does anyone else

Yep, me too!! Sometimes, I come across as too judgemental or too negative, so I just delete it and go read something else I just feel that I have to be so careful not to offend people because ...

Tuesday 16 March 04:56am

Cailin started new topic Did you know

Hi all, Had my little man at the doctors today as he still has some sort of tummy bug thing and I wanted to make sure that that is all it is. Anyway, while there, I mentioned to our GP that he has...

Tuesday 16 March 04:38am

Cailin replied to topic bloody hell how much more ??

Wow! Will say a prayer for the little one - she sounds like a fighter, am sure she'll be fine!

Tuesday 16 March 04:23am

Cailin replied to topic What do you think of Aspen for a Boy or Girl?

Aspen's not my cup of tea, but that's no reflection on your choice, maybe I just have no imagination! I'm not a fan of calling kids after place names, Paris, Bronx, Brooklyn etc..., and I guess the...

Tuesday 16 March 04:20am

Cailin replied to topic Combined Flu and Swine Flu Vaccine

My little guy had his swine flu jabs last month . Two doses, three weeks apart. He's fine, didn't have any adverse reactions etc. I'm in the better safe than sorry camp and am very pro imunisation ...

Sunday 14 March 01:52am

Cailin replied to topic How do others cope

I'm in a similar boat - all MY family are in Ireland. Hubby's family are all local ut have a spoilt BANNANA (not the word I want to use!!) of a SIL who constantly leaves her kids with MIL or FIL fo...

Sunday 14 March 01:36am

Cailin replied to topic Visitors who 'just drop in'

We get them too - and their ALL family (well family in-law ) One in particular ALWAYS shows up around lunch time with her kids in tow.....who does that??? I always call ahead, and wouldn't dream...

Sunday 14 March 01:32am

Cailin replied to topic Keeps refusing milk

Hi there, Thanks, think your right about 3 bottles being too much for him - he's just such a little guts and would come into the kitchen saying BA-BA (we call his bottle a Bop-Bop) and holding his...

Saturday 13 March 05:09am

Cailin started new topic Keeps refusing milk

Hi all, Little man (16 months) LOVED his bottles, had 3 a day of cows milk and always drained them. Had a stomach bug on Tues / Wed, vomitted a few times. Now he won't go near his bottles. I've t...

Friday 12 March 11:57pm

Cailin replied to topic So Excited

It'll be your new best friend!! I use it heaps in the winter especially - love doing things like Beef Strogonaff, Beef Bourginon, Irish Stew, chicken casserole, cicken chasseur, beef goulash, soups...

Friday 12 March 11:50pm

Cailin replied to topic Who is friendly with their neighbours?

We live on the family farm so ALL our neighbours are family - so fairly friendly with them all. They're not immediate neighbours though, they're all spread out over a few km's, so it's not too bad.

Friday 12 March 11:45pm

Cailin replied to topic Cleaning Floors

If you stick some lemon juice in there it should work.... or baking soda?? I'm afraid I don't make my own I use the Nutrimetics Nutriclean - it's all natural - can even use it to wash fruit and ve...

Friday 12 March 11:44pm

Cailin replied to topic I'm Bored!!

What is your favorite colour? White Tea, Coffee or Hot Milo? Coffee, Coffee Coffee! Your favorite Perfume? Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Go look in your fridge, what is on the LHS of the second sh...

Friday 12 March 11:40pm
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