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Jessy88 replied to topic Tongue tied baby

Thank-you you have made me feel better . I am moreso just disapointed and annoyed at how much you get panalised for not breastfeeding now. I have now got an appointment with a surgeon here on wedne...

Monday 02 February 09:22pm

Jessy88 replied to topic not breastfeeding?

Coca cola is good because excessive caffeine drys your mlk faster as well as tight bras. Use ice packs and panadol to help with any pain.

Monday 02 February 08:35pm

Jessy88 started new topic RE: Illness affecting me after birth of bub

Hi just wondering if anyone else had lupus or another illness that has affected them after birth.My baby is 6.5 weeks old now and I am suffering greatly with what feels like a relapse or flare of m...

Tuesday 27 January 09:31pm

Jessy88 replied to topic Anxiety over bubby

hey Miss e, I restricted the number of visitors I had in hospital and I was in there for 7 days, nurses knew and would always say to visitors"oh let me check if she is asleep" or " let me check if ...

Tuesday 27 January 08:36pm

Jessy88 replied to topic HELP.. Low milk supply

I am 5 weeks post partum and I know how stressful it is. Water will not produce more milk but it makes sure you have enough for you, which is very important. You sound like you are trying very hard...

Thursday 22 January 10:30pm

Jessy88 started new topic Tongue tied baby

I always intended to breast feed my baby for as long as I could. I had my baby girl just over 5 weeks now and she was my first. I never thought I would have problems breast feeding and have always ...

Thursday 22 January 10:01pm

Jessy88 started new topic Anxiety over bubby

Hi I'm 5 weeks post partum with my first(little girl). However I am VERY defensive over her. I get so anxious when people handle her(with exeption of medical staff and my parents)I actually hate i...

Thursday 22 January 09:28pm

Jessy88 replied to topic How long did you stay in hospital???

I gave natural birth in public hospital, but a private room, all of us did. It is a relatively small hospital and their policy is that you would only start sharing if it became a full house(I don't...

Thursday 22 January 09:10pm

Jessy88 replied to topic INCONTINENANCE after VB deliver

It is a horrible feeling isnt it? It kills your confidence... I am 5 weeks post partum and i am suffering the same problem. During pregnancy i suffered heavy incontinence even though I practiced my...

Thursday 22 January 09:01pm

Jessy88 started new topic Birth cerificate, last name?

Hi I live in NSW, I am not with the father of the child and wish the my little girl to have my last name. Does anyone know what steps I have to take for her to have my last name? Does it happen by ...

Wednesday 26 November 09:34am

Jessy88 started new topic The bladder issue

Hi guys I'm 20 and this is my first pregnancy I am five and a half monthes pregnant. Quite embarrassingly I am concerned with my bladder, anytime I sneeze or cough(which is increasing in frequency ...

Wednesday 20 August 03:19pm

Jessy88 replied to topic DUE DATE DECEMBER 2008

Yes I am due 23rd of december! Only 3 and a half monthes to go!!!

Wednesday 20 August 03:10pm

Jessy88 started new topic Choosing a breast pump?

Hi everyone my sister gave me her breast pump which she used twice its a medela swing breastpump, however I recently have found another one called the cherub Natriflow dual/double electric pump. Ju...

Monday 11 August 06:27am

Jessy88 started new topic Going for a natural birth, Any advice???

Hi am 5 months pregnant and this is my first. I really want as natural of a birth as possible no drugs and little as possible intervention. I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to achieve th...

Sunday 03 August 01:11pm
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