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kecc4 replied to topic Friends for 2nd kids???

Sounds like your older one will probably be at school soon so join a playgroup with kids your babys age while dd1 is at school and then she will grow up with those kids anf you will even make some ...

Tuesday 23 August 04:59am

kecc4 replied to topic 36wks Pregnant & husband says he not in love with me any more

First of all big hugs to you! He could have waited until you had bub, you dont need this stress now (well actually never), hopefully it is a phase!! It could be because you are preg and have anothe...

Monday 22 August 08:55am

kecc4 replied to topic Faint Line? Opinions Please

Yep can def see it in the second 2 needed to shift to get the right light on the computer screen. Dont know you but it gives me butterflys of excitment when I see postive preg tests!!!! How excitin...

Monday 22 August 08:31am

kecc4 replied to topic has anyone thought they were pregnant whilst breastfeeding

Sure have I have been pregnant twice while breastfeeding. First resulted in a little boy who is now 11 and the 2nd one ended up in a miscarriage a 8 weeks!! I continued breastfeeding with the first...

Monday 22 August 12:47am

kecc4 replied to topic Girls name

I must say nice choice of girls name!!! We have a Charlize and her middle name is Brielle. She hasnt got Charlie yet but I am sure it will come as she gets older. It actually only got on our list o...

Tuesday 03 May 06:38am

kecc4 replied to topic Partner does not want to get married

Hi, My husband(wow, I can call him that) and I were together about 17 years I think before he proposed and 20 years before we got married and in that time we had 4 children. I always left it up to ...

Sunday 17 April 08:19am

kecc4 replied to topic severe nappy rash??

It may be thrush, my oldest daughter had it and I think we used Canesten cream, She had it for ages before the health nurse said that is what is was , my poor babe!! Hope you sort the rash out soon...

Wednesday 16 February 12:17pm

kecc4 replied to topic Honest opinions wanted.... (sorry, long post!)

What are you allowed to eat???????? Our school is a nut free school but dairy and eggs is getting a bit trickier. It must be so hard for the family and I always look at it, If it was my child I wou...

Saturday 27 February 12:19pm

kecc4 replied to topic 10/10/10 brides

Yah that would be me!!!!!!!!! After 19 years and 4 kiddies we are finally doing it, well if I get my butt into gear and start organising it!!

Saturday 27 February 11:52am

kecc4 replied to topic Can someone please tell me

I wanna put in for the canvas but i've got all my infant and crawler barcodes mixed in together so dont know which ones to attach Crawellers code is 9310088000078, I dont have infants. That is g...

Saturday 27 February 11:47am

kecc4 replied to topic if u are bored, can u help?

Hi, I have an Evan and Campbell and if I had another boy I wanted Declan! I agrees with Lachlan being very popular these days. I think it is a great name but working in childcare there are lots. H...

Saturday 20 February 09:53pm

kecc4 replied to topic New QLD road rules..

Hey guys what happens if the child is over the age of 7 but hasnt reach the height or weights they are stating? My daughter is about to turn 2 and is only about 28kgs and very short for her age doe...

Wednesday 17 February 11:02pm

kecc4 replied to topic Heart Burn

Hi, I know how you feel and it is not nice. I had heartburn with all 4 of my pregnancies and just when I thought I had found a solution, BAM it would be back again. But.... in my last pregnancy I w...

Wednesday 17 February 10:40pm

kecc4 replied to topic Need Advice size of house and number of children

Hi ya busy bee, We lived in a small 2 bedroom house with our oldest 2 children until they were 4 and 6 years old. Bub stayed in our room for 12months and I used a set of drawers as a change table s...

Saturday 13 February 11:47pm

kecc4 replied to topic Mums with children born in June, Question about school

I have a little boy who was born on 30th May 2006 and is due to start kindy next year. I have been indecisive on whether to send him or not because he seems so much like a baby still compared to th...

Saturday 29 August 07:19pm

kecc4 replied to topic Your kids names

It a huge decision choosing our kids names and thank goodness we all like different names other wise we would have kids with all the same names. How confusing would that be for the teachers!!LOL My...

Friday 28 August 07:28pm

kecc4 replied to topic Gyms..what one do you go to?

I don't have any advice on gyms cause lazy old me still doesn't go to one 9 months after giving birth. I would like to say good on you all for attempting exercise while pregnant as I know it can be...

Thursday 27 August 07:36pm

kecc4 replied to topic IS THE 2ND BABY BIGGER THEN YOUR 1ST?

I would assume(which I know you shouldn't do in pregnancy) that because you ended up with a caeser for your first that they would almost automatically do a caeser for your 2nd. Where I live they wi...

Sunday 09 August 08:03am

kecc4 replied to topic ****November 2008 Babies****

Hi guys, can somebody help me I have tried to find you on facebook but I can't. I have tried all sorts of combos but it doesn't seem to work!!!!! I am a novice at facebook too. I have mainly joined...

Friday 31 July 06:22pm

kecc4 replied to topic Boys name debacle!! This or this??

I love Declan Evan Lewis but I am a bit biased as Declan was going to be my last babes name if she was a boy but no she came out pink. Evan is also the name of my first boy. You could also try Evan...

Wednesday 29 July 07:11pm
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