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jodes replied to topic Disobedient

Hi everyone thanks so much for your advice it is great to know that there are so many mums out there willing to give advice to someone in need. I have tried it and it works great THANK YOU Jodie

Wednesday 28 January 12:25pm

jodes replied to topic A young mum

Hi mumof2 How do you go with having two kids how old is your other one I would really like to hear all about it so please let me know Jodie

Friday 12 December 04:28pm

jodes replied to topic A young mum

Hi Lisa That is great that you are trying for your second, we live in brisbane & my little boy is Riley and will be 15mths on the 18th of this month I never knew how much time they take up but I w...

Friday 12 December 04:27pm

jodes replied to topic What is the best advice you've received as a mum?

The best advice I recived was to go with what i think is right, and if I dont know I ring my mum.

Monday 01 December 12:56pm

jodes started new topic A young mum

Hi I am 21 and have a 14 month old son I am interested in talking to any other mums with a baby around my sons age my email is Bye

Monday 01 December 12:50pm

jodes started new topic Disobedient

Hi, My 14 month old will not listen to me when I tell him no, He either keeps doing it or he spits at me any advice to make him learn would help

Monday 01 December 12:45pm

jodes replied to topic New member looking to chat...

Hi my name is Jodie and I have also just started in this forum i have a son Riley 14mths and we live in QLD I would love to talk to someone with a baby my sons age.

Thursday 20 November 04:03pm
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