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remas replied to topic How to get rid of the dummy???

I was very worried about getting rid of my DD dummy before bubs came along too, but after a chat to the midwife she said that if its only for sleep let her have it until she is 3ish. They are too y...

Friday 14 October 09:09pm

remas started new topic Strnger Danger talk

Hi, After hearing about possible near abductions at an SA shopping centre im scared to take my DD shopping. She is 2 1/2 and im not sure how to talk to her about stranger danger. She is at daycare...

Friday 14 October 09:01pm

remas replied to topic Cheating hubby

Thanks guys, My 2 girls are 6 months and 2 years. I just cant stop thinking about it, now when his phone goes off i want to read it, or if it rings i try to listen to the converstaion. It sucks. ...

Friday 23 September 06:15am

remas started new topic Cheating hubby

Well im in a bit of a pickle. Last week i came across some facebook messages between my hubby and a girl we know that lives in our old town. It was things like "night sexy, give it a rub for me" a...

Thursday 22 September 08:01pm

remas replied to topic need help with controlled/comfort crying

oh no, it sounds like a stubborn one! Maybe you could try a completely different approach (i have no idea what) just something different to trick him into the new ways?? Maybe mix the routine up a...

Thursday 08 September 12:33am

remas replied to topic need help with controlled/comfort crying

Hi, I was in the same boat and didnt want too much crying because i have a 2yo as well and i didnt want the 6month old waking her in the night. I went to the local library and borrowed the book "S...

Wednesday 07 September 11:05pm

remas replied to topic 18 month old waking at night

My DD was a terrible sleeper until we put her in a bed at 18 months, She loved it! And i could go in her bed if i needed to so we both could get some sleep and sneek out when she was asleep (it did...

Wednesday 07 September 01:05am

remas replied to topic Toddler wont sleep through the night

My dd was the same I started by going in tucking her in then sitting on the end of her bed. Then after a couple of nights i would put a chair in her room and sit there. Then moving the chair to the...

Saturday 27 August 05:07pm

remas replied to topic Dummy weaning advice

My DD was very attatched to her dummy, when she was 2 i got her a little gift bag (50c from reject shop) and told her that she had to put her dummy in the bag when she was awake, she carried the ba...

Monday 15 August 07:47pm

remas replied to topic 7 1/2 month old wakes every 1-3 hours at night

Hi. he might need some more more food. Try to serve a savory then a sweet every meal as babies love sweet and you should be able to get more in. Maybe try swapping the bf and food around in your r...

Wednesday 03 August 12:48am

remas started new topic 2yo waking all night crying

My DD is 2 1/2, she was a great sleeper, putting herself to sleep and not waking, and if she did wake it was a quick kiss and back to sleep. But in the last 2 months she has started to wake and com...

Saturday 25 June 06:37pm

remas started new topic Waking at night screaming

My 2yo DD is waking at night screaming and it takes about an hour to settle her. She is ussally a good sleeper but now will wake 1 - 4 times a night screaming. We try to cuddle her, lie down with h...

Thursday 26 May 07:11am

remas started new topic Over it!

Just a big vent - no need to reply. So my 2y/o daughter is getting toilet trained and is doing so well, but today has peed her pants 6 times! Also she broke her dummy so we threw it out and she has...

Wednesday 11 May 12:40am

remas replied to topic not married

I think the thing that has realy got me down is that i propossed to him last night and he didnt answer. I dont want to make him say yes but I if he wants to say no then i dont know what to do. It ...

Thursday 05 May 10:39pm

remas started new topic not married

so, my partner and i have been together for 7 years now. We have bought a house together and have 2 kids together, but he still wont get engaged! We had a special night last night and i asked him t...

Thursday 05 May 07:39pm

remas started new topic Dummy

My DD is 2 years and 4 months and has the dummy all day long! It got worse when our newborn came along 2 months ago. Now she will scream and cry for it if she doesnt have it. Im thinking about gett...

Tuesday 12 April 08:44pm

remas replied to topic Phil and teds pram

Hi, I have just bought a P&T Explorer and its great! I dont mind getting the newborn in and out from the back and like that she is 'hiding' when the seat is on the front. The explorer has new bra...

Sunday 06 March 08:21pm

remas replied to topic Sooo OVER it!!!! please tell me it gets better!!!

I feel your pain the other day my daughter just peed on the carpet while i was breast feeding...... right in front of me.... we are using a sticker chart....... not sure if its working because l...

Friday 25 February 09:01pm

remas replied to topic 22mo and newborn

I have 2 daughters and only 2 years apart. I have just boughtb a phil and teds (my poor credit card). ToysRus have a similar pram on clearnce for half the price. its a Love and Care Europe - or som...

Friday 25 February 08:50pm

remas replied to topic Opinions on Phil & Teds stroller

Hi, I have a 2yo and a 4 week old and have just bought the Phil and Teds Explorer. I love it! It is great to push and easy to steer. My 2yo fits great in both seats and has room to grow. The e...

Tuesday 22 February 08:54pm
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