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lyn replied to topic Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism is...... handles or spins objects, no eye contact, difficulty with social relationships, verbal communication, non verbal communication, resistance to change in routine, difficulty in the de...

Wednesday 17 November 10:23am

lyn started new topic Autism Spectrum Disorders

hi, my name is Lynda and I have a 2 yo son. After months of waiting lists and seeing lots of different people my son was diagnosed with Autism. This came about after my husband and I were worried a...

Monday 01 November 12:14pm

lyn replied to topic Learning to Speak

hi Rachel, I have a 2 yo son who also doesn't speak. It is very difficult and frustrating when all you can do is try and guess what they want. My son was diagnosed with Autism in July and now sees ...

Monday 01 November 11:58am

lyn replied to topic Talking Development

hi, I have a son 17 months old. He didn't crawl until he was almost 13mths and just started walking a month ago. I took him to child and youth services for a check up after also being concerned tha...

Friday 09 April 12:44pm

lyn replied to topic anyone else got a toddler still crawling?

hi, My son didn't crawl until he was 12 months old he then took his first steps at 15 and a half months. He was just standing in the middle of the room with a stride to ride walker and when he push...

Saturday 13 March 06:23pm

lyn replied to topic Not Crawling

I was also concerned when my 11 month old boy was not crawling, rolling or standing against furniture. After seeing my G.P and Paediatrician, they refered him to a physio. This was the best. with j...

Tuesday 03 February 06:35am

lyn started new topic toe walking

hi, my name is Lynda and I have a 3 1/2 year old girl. I've just recenty taken her to a orthopaedic surgen reguarding toe walking as she walks on tippy toes quite alot. He has suggested plasters on...

Wednesday 07 January 07:30pm

lyn replied to topic late crawler

hi tracey, I just wanted to thankyou for your kind words about Nicholas and to let you know, 10 days after his first birthday he is now crawling. thanks again Lynda

Saturday 29 November 03:38pm

lyn started new topic late crawler

hi, my name is Lynda and I have a 12 month old boy, Nicholas. He started sitting up alone at 6 months , but then he just came to a stop. No rolling and no crawling. At 11 months we started to be co...

Friday 21 November 03:13pm
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