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zealous1 replied to topic Bad Breathe

I've noticed my son does when he's unwell.

Saturday 15 August 09:50am

zealous1 replied to topic 17 month old wont eat meat or veg! HELP!

I've read in a lot of places to not make a big fuss about eating with toddlers... so as long as she is eating something you're doing well. I think most toddlers go through a fussy stage. Personal...

Wednesday 12 August 03:37pm

zealous1 replied to topic 22month year old wont sleep through the night :(

I would start with teaching him how to 'self settle'. There are lots of books out there if you are really wanting to do this. I know some people aren't keen on some of the authors, but I got a lot ...

Saturday 08 August 03:18pm

zealous1 replied to topic Just wondering what other Toddlers eat?

My boy is 16 months... He eats pretty much anything i put in front of him... BF: 2 weetbix with milk, home stewed apples, toast with marmite, banana S: crackers and dried apricot or raisins L: sa...

Saturday 08 August 03:08pm

zealous1 replied to topic Very devastated single mum

Hey Vicki That's awesome that you tried so hard to get him to meet you and your daughter. It's totally devastating that he refused... I'm in no way sticking up for him, as what he did was unforgiv...

Tuesday 04 August 02:38pm

zealous1 replied to topic How do you stop yourself from shouting back?

I've just read a book that suggests putting behaviour like this back into the child's court. You could try, walking him to his room without saying anything, then putting him in his room and say 'pl...

Saturday 01 August 01:54pm

zealous1 replied to topic fussy 3 old - to make him sit at the table till he's finished or not?

I totally agree with your post. That's what I've been doing and apart from picking a few peas out, my son eats everything. Cheers.

Thursday 30 July 09:21am

zealous1 replied to topic 14months learning to walk

I don't think they need props. They learn when they are ready... no point pushing them into it before they can handle the balance and not fall all the time. My boy just started walking at 15 months...

Thursday 30 July 07:21am

zealous1 replied to topic My 15 month old wont let me brush her teeth

I asked plunket about this same issue and they said it was fine for toddlers to suck the toothpaste (the milk one) and it was very normal. Also they don't recommend children spit out anymore, they ...

Monday 13 July 02:56pm

zealous1 started new topic Highchair manners

My son, 15 months, is dropping food off the highchair again when he's finished eating. We got through the previous saga of this when he was around nine months and now it's back again. What do you...

Monday 13 July 02:50am

zealous1 replied to topic Milk

500ml of calcium at that age is normal... I don't think it matters in what form. Good luck.

Monday 13 July 02:43am

zealous1 replied to topic Time out

Toddlers can learn cause and effect very quickly actually (i.e. you throw food, you go in cot for a few minutes)... it won't take them long to stop the behaviour so long as the cot isn't too much f...

Sunday 31 May 02:53pm

zealous1 replied to topic Negative comments on extended breastfeeding/self weaning....

Well done on feeding for so long. I've just had to stop at 13 months (I have to have an operation) and it was really really painful for 2 weeks (so painful I was crying often and wondered if I had ...

Tuesday 26 May 02:53pm

zealous1 replied to topic 12Mth old Fussy eater

Don't beat yourself up too much, sometime after one, children's appetite drop as they aren't growing quite as much as in the first year. I also agree with the above, less milk. I do milk in the mo...

Tuesday 26 May 02:48pm

zealous1 replied to topic toddler sleeping in the day

My 13.5 month boy sleeps 11 hours at night and anything from 1 hr to 2.5 during the day (in one nap)... I find it hard not knowing how long I'll get each day. He isn't walking yet.

Tuesday 26 May 02:42pm

zealous1 replied to topic when did your toddler drop to one nap?

My boy dropped to one nap around 11 months I was very sad. He wakes somewhere between 6 & 7 but I don't get him up til 7am Nap 11am-1pm Bed 7:30pm I miss two naps... and even though I wanted to...

Saturday 09 May 04:21pm

zealous1 replied to topic Still not sleeping through the night!!!!

I know this doesn't work for everyone and isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it worked for me. If your child is waking at the same sort of time every night you could try this. Go into your child ha...

Saturday 09 May 04:18pm

zealous1 replied to topic Toddler waking early - help!

I know it's not quite the same situation but our boy took at least two weeks to settle again after we just changed him into a new room, same bed. It's probably just new surroundings, new shadows et...

Saturday 09 May 04:11pm

zealous1 replied to topic Am I the only one with a biter!??! Help

My mum told me when a child bites to shove your finger in their mouth and say no. Another thing that works for me is giving my boys wrist a little squeeze (til it hurts him a tiny bit) and say No b...

Saturday 09 May 03:59pm

zealous1 replied to topic Lunch ideas please for a 16 month old

For eggs have you tried quiche. My son loves to feed himself quiche and it has a bit more flavour than plain old egg if you add bacon or something

Saturday 09 May 03:48pm
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