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Wonderboy replied to topic settling my lil action man

i'll be looking forward to what others have to say about your issue, as my 7.5mth DS is also super active! crawling around and standing up as soon as i lay him down in his cot. Problem is he has ha...

Saturday 21 March 11:50am

Wonderboy replied to topic 5and a half months and strange habits!!!!

And guess what... my 5month old son is doing the SAME thing... i too have been wondering what's going on... it seems though that every new experience he has he practices for a few days before findi...

Saturday 10 January 07:34pm

Wonderboy replied to topic tummy time

my 3month ds used to love tummy time then i sort of neglected it a bit, and suddenly he doesn't like it much anymore. But, i place him on his tummy in more of an upright angle in our bean-bag and h...

Wednesday 05 November 07:28am

Wonderboy replied to topic Reflux

My 6 week old also has 'suspected' reflux, I say suspected as we noticed all the symptoms but have had a hard time convincing plunket, midwife & doctor. However, a lactation consultant assessed me ...

Saturday 13 September 06:37am
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