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Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic HELP! DESPERATE! Weaning determined 12mth old off breast

Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of some advice. My DS has turned 1 and I have been solely bf during this time. Since he was 6mths I have been trying to wean him off and onto a bottle but with ...

Monday 29 June 10:40pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic FIFO husband being nasty and childish during time at home

I was after some advice from people in a similar situation - or even better, other FIFO husband's who can explain my husband's behaviour or point of view. When my hubby is working away, w...

Tuesday 27 January 06:24pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic Lop-Sided (TMI question lol!!)

My 4mth old bub is soley bf on demand and is doing really well, however, we had some initial complications when he was born and to ensure he put on weight, I favoured the faster flowing side and no...

Thursday 13 November 01:34am
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic Husband refusing to get a vasectomy

My husband and I have been together for 15 years and have two beautiful babies but, I am now at the stage where I would like a more permanent birth control method. During our entire relationship, ...

Saturday 28 June 11:02pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic 39wks, second pregnancy, and still not dilated or engaged :(

I had my doctor's appointment this morning (am currently 39 +3) and during my examination it turns out despite all the tightenings, cramping, back pain, nausea, diarrhea, pelvic pressure, and ...

Thursday 12 June 12:52am
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic False labour - anyone else gone through it??

Just wondering whether anyone else has gone through false labor and whether it indicated that things were "getting ready / close". I am currently at 36 wks and on the weekend I was admin...

Monday 19 May 04:55pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic iPads for little kids

Hi everyone, I would love to know everyone's thoughts on this.... I am wondering when people think it is an appropriate age to give a child an iPad? My daughter is 5 and I think it is far to...

Friday 07 February 12:58pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 replied to topic How to cope with unwelcome comments

It just amazes me how older people (who should know better!) are the rudest! I was once told by an older man that I was too young to have a 4yo and another one on the way - I quickly prompted him t...

Monday 03 February 05:25pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 replied to topic Sex Dreams during pregnancy? *Blush*

I did giggle when I read this discussion! My first, a girl, nothing - my second (current) pregnancy, a boy, crazy sexy dreams! Maybe there's something to the old wives tale lo!!

Tuesday 21 January 03:21pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 replied to topic Coordinating older sibling whilst in hospital having baby

Anirtak wrote: Yeah, having an Au Pair was awesome, I didn't have to worry about anything while I was in hospital smile I have seriously thought about the Au Pair before - given my situation ...

Thursday 16 January 07:30pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic Coordinating older sibling whilst in hospital having baby

I am pregnant with my second child, and I have an older child (who is very excited about her pending sibling!). I do not have a supportive group around me (I found out the hard way when I had my fi...

Thursday 16 January 02:43pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic How to deal with MIL

Hi everyone, I am after some advice on how to deal with my horrible MIL Here's the back story..... when I was expecting my first child, my MIL did her usual nasty routine - i.e. when we asked...

Tuesday 19 November 06:35pm
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 started new topic To give my daughter a sibling or not?

Hi - I am just wanting other people's thoughts and opinions please! My DD is turning 18mths soon and loves other children. I am under pressue from my partner and mother to have another baby howev...

Wednesday 07 July 02:40am
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 replied to topic coping being a single parent

It is sad that this day-in-age that people still have the opinion that single mothers do it just for the Centrelink money(cos Centrelink pays soooo much money! Yeah right!). No one stops to think t...

Saturday 05 June 04:27am
Mummy <3

Mummy <3 replied to topic I never thought I would say this but I just cant stand my Biodads family anymore

It sounds like a lot of jealousy from their side to me. You must be a really awesome person because I find that the happier and more "successful" (in love and life) you are the more you have to dea...

Monday 24 May 08:42pm
Mummy <3
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