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Plumbum replied to topic Name ideas

Alba or Alexia for a girl Alexander or Ashton for a boy Good luck choosing

Tuesday 08 July 09:55pm

Plumbum replied to topic It's another boy!!! Cody, Nate & ...............??

Congrats are some spunky 4 letter boys names that might work for you.. Bryn Zeke Zack Drew Beau Duke Levi Gabe Gage Dale Hugo Jase Remy Seth Theo Wade Ford Rory Tory Hope that helps an...

Tuesday 08 July 09:20pm

Plumbum replied to topic Pretty girly-girl names

I love girly girl names and I totally get the whole never agreeing on names as the same happened for my two girls....anyway my two daughters are Paige Madison Breanna Leigh if i had a girl tomor...

Friday 14 March 09:45pm

Plumbum replied to topic Who wants to suggest some baby names :)

I love Scarlett....but not a fan of giving siblings the names starting with the same letter (my brother and I had the same starting letter and it was frustrating)....but that is your choose. Here i...

Saturday 21 December 07:27am

Plumbum replied to topic My baby is outside of the uteris

Are your serious???? They are let you go two weeks before investigating this further???? Sorry to freak you out but ectopic pregnancies are a serious health risk, I have suffered two and the last n...

Saturday 21 December 07:21am

Plumbum replied to topic Cuski

My DD2 has two of them and she sleeps like a log (through the night) since she was 4 months old so those cuskis go every where with us. Sleep association aids do DD1 has her thumb which...

Sunday 15 December 07:11pm

Plumbum replied to topic Midwife - West Auckland - Epidurals

Bunny does rock and its a shame she is full up. I had her for my two kids and would highly recommend her to anyone. Have you looked up Lolly Freeman? She was a student midwife with Bunny when I wa...

Wednesday 27 November 11:11am

Plumbum started new topic Name suggestions please!

I love close to using it with DD2 but DH went off it If we have a third probably try to use it again or at the least as a MN. Anyway, I'm a bit anti using the same letter for...

Wednesday 16 October 01:06pm

Plumbum replied to topic Third Boy!

Aiden is my all time fab boys name so I say go for that. But if too popular for you here are others I like: Lewis Blake Mitchell Reid James Emmett

Saturday 31 August 05:40pm

Plumbum replied to topic Who was...

DD1 DH first and then my parents- I was freaking out as we didn't plan to have a baby then and were actually planning a holiday (which didn't happen in the end) and DH just had a family m...

Wednesday 28 August 11:15am

Plumbum started new topic Eloise

Always loved this name and would be interested who has an Eloise (and whats her MN) and how popular it is?

Tuesday 20 August 01:05pm

Plumbum replied to topic Struggling with baby boy name!

what about Tory or Corey? I kinda agree about Rory....Rory the racecar is one of my DD2's favourite programs Boys names that I love are Aiden (though pretty popular in Aussie but not some muc...

Tuesday 13 August 01:09pm

Plumbum replied to topic Milan??

Sorry kim I cant message you. Something to do with the settings in your profile. I have changed mine to allow follow so you should be able to message me

Monday 12 August 10:13am

Plumbum replied to topic Birthing at Waitakere Hospital

Haven't birth there since 2010, but a friend has recently. Neither of us can fault it. My first time I got a private room as I had an epidural and the nurses were awesome. Stayed for three ni...

Sunday 11 August 03:10pm

Plumbum replied to topic Need help deciding...

Yeah I like Eve too with Milana (sorry prefer spelling without h at end)....though I'm loving Everly as a name. Might have to add that to my name list!

Friday 09 August 03:26pm

Plumbum started new topic ??????? Gabrielle/Gabriella

So if you had to use Gabrielle or Gabriella as a MN...what would you use as a first?

Friday 09 August 11:30am

Plumbum started new topic Milan??

I see its listed as a boys name...but what do you think as a girls name? Means- dear or beloved could go with Millie as a MN

Monday 05 August 10:19am

Plumbum replied to topic IVF

Hey everyone, congrats to all of you that are newly pregnant and I hope all continues well. I just have a question for those nz girls....where did you have your treatment and what was it like for ...

Wednesday 24 July 06:18pm

Plumbum replied to topic Middle name for Cora ????

Personally I would go with a long are my suggestions Cora Elizabeth Cora Georgiana Cora Madison Cora Indiana Cora Scarlett Cora Isabelle

Monday 22 July 06:06pm

Plumbum replied to topic Girl's name to go with Cara

I have a Breanna...who is mostly Bree so of course I'm bias towards that name My other daughter's name is Paige and that would go well with Cara but not with May as a middle name. Oth...

Saturday 06 July 03:39pm
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