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IcSquirrel replied to topic upper back pain

Hi, I had the same thing. I think it was due to my boobs getting bigger so more load to carry. I found the cat pose in my yoga classes really helped and also try Shoulder stretch 6. This is fantast...

Monday 13 October 12:46pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic help cant stop eating!

Hi Miss e, I am about 4 weeks off being due with my 1st bub. I kept my diet quite balanced, but tended to eat smaller meals more often. ie up to 6 a day. One of these meals consisted of a protein ...

Monday 13 October 12:27pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic Pains in ribs

Seems to be a common theme. There's a few things that I've found helps relieve both the rib and shoulder blade ache. I am doing Yoga 2 times a week and am 30 weeks pregnant. The position I find tha...

Monday 08 September 02:38pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic problem with 12 week ultrasound

Hi there, Typically the 12 week ultrasound is done in conjunction with a blood test and the results are compared together. I had my blood test and ultrasound done at 2 different locations and then ...

Monday 08 September 12:59pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic help perth mums

Hiya, I read Labour of Love by Gabrielle Targett who's book is all about Water Births and she is based in Australia. Actually her baby was born in Perth. I have lent it out to a friend, but I remem...

Saturday 06 September 02:16pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic Going for a natural birth, Any advice???

Hi Jessy, I am due in November and want to go down the Natural birth route. I read a Labour of love by Gabrielle Targett. The book talks a fair amount about water births, but has some other really ...

Saturday 06 September 02:05pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic Waking up at 3am!!!

Hi Twinklebum, Same happened to me in my 1st Trimester and then it went away at about 14 weeks and has now returned in my 3rd although at 4.00am. I have noticed on the days when I do yoga or go for...

Saturday 06 September 01:24pm

IcSquirrel replied to topic WORRIED

Hi roxy84, I had an internal ultrasound at 6.5 weeks with a Gynechologist who was an IVF specialist that I had made an appointment with before I fell pregnant. Took me 5 months to get in to see him...

Friday 05 September 07:02am
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