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Sal78 replied to topic Routine!!!! whats that?!?!

Hi ladies, If you're looking for routine ideas, why don't you head to the 'your baby's sleep' section of the huggies site? It has loads of tips about feed play sleep and tells you how much sleep ...

Tuesday 09 May 12:07pm

Sal78 replied to topic Moving house, any tips to help my son adjust quickly?

We also moved when Isaac was around that age. I found it really helpful to set up his room as similar as I could to the old house and make sure he knew where his favourite thiings were. Also keepin...

Wednesday 22 March 12:19pm

Sal78 started new topic He's asleep!

I'm feeling quite empowered at the moment and want to share this wonderful tip with other parents of toddlers who won't stay in bed... (Thanks to my mchn!!!) Isaac has been going through the not-s...

Wednesday 22 March 12:06pm

Sal78 started new topic Resettling after a catnap

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and how you went about fixing it... DD will go off to sleep pretty well most days on her own but will occasionally wake after 40 min (1 ...

Monday 20 March 10:22am
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