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RenPip started new topic TTC in December?

I couldnt seem to find a December post, however if there is one let me know. We have just started not trying but not preventing as my DP says, personally I really want to be pregnant again! For any...

Saturday 07 November 07:34pm

RenPip replied to topic Question for those that dont iron

I never iron my Nanna bought me one and it's been used like twice in the last 18 months.... to get away with it clothes need to go straight from the washing machine to the dryer or clothes line. If...

Friday 06 November 09:55pm

RenPip replied to topic I'm ready for another but need advice...

OMG OMG OMG! I won, the pill is in the bin and we're trying but not trying (if that makes sense)either way I consider us now to be TTC with out all the OPK and waiting, if it happens it happens. Ye...

Friday 06 November 09:40pm

RenPip started new topic HELP! Trying to deal with a violent toddler and getting desperate!

My DD is 17 months old and is getting to the point where i dont want her around, as hard as that is for me to say I cant stand being around her. She is violent to the point she is managing to hurt ...

Friday 16 October 11:52pm

RenPip started new topic I'm ready for another but need advice...

We have a 17 month old daughter and I'm ready for number two however DP isnt ready, I could really use some advice on how to stop the really serious cluckyness.

Saturday 10 October 04:28pm

RenPip started new topic Want to start but need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My DD is 15 months old and has recently taken to bringing me her wipes and a new nappy when she is wet or dirty. Does this mean I should start Potty Training? Can anyone give me any advice on how t...

Wednesday 26 August 08:45pm

RenPip replied to topic help being single is hard

Hey, i'm a 21 year old single mum too, my DD's dad left when i was 7 months pregnant and hasn't been around since. I will agree it is hard at times and would be harder when the kids knew their fath...

Tuesday 14 October 04:39pm

RenPip replied to topic 18 with no friends..

Have you tried going to just a regular Mum's group, it doesn't have to be a young mum's group. I'm 21 and went to a young mum's group and found things to be the same way and didn't really like it. ...

Tuesday 14 October 04:26pm

RenPip replied to topic birht certificate question

My ex flat out refused to put his name on the birth certificate, and yes i had to give a reason as to why he wasn't going to be registered. The staff member was really helpful when i told that he w...

Tuesday 14 October 02:14pm
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