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~Shelbs~ replied to topic Due November 2011

Hi I`m so excited! After miscarrying xmas eve at 9wks I can`t believe I have fallen so quickly. I`m 43 & have gorgeous near 3yr old girl. All the best ladies! My EDD is 2nd Nov

Sunday 13 March 04:32am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic The final leg of my hero's journey.......

It`s so easy to see that Lukey got his bravery & courage from his Mum... Can`t imagine the incredible pain & loss felt but you & Lukes story will stay in my heart forever. xx

Monday 08 February 08:54pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Saudara

Saudara Willow is a beautiful name, I really like it! & then you could use Sauda as the NN

Sunday 07 February 06:53am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Princessdora update :( can't stop the tears

So so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your little ones. xx

Saturday 06 February 09:12am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Harper for a little girl....

Harper is a beautiful name for a girl! I absolutely love it. All the best,hope you can talk DH into it!

Friday 05 February 01:55pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Leaking boobies Q

I didn`t leak either whilst pregnant, & definitely had no problems with supply.. could have fed the whole town I was that engorged! Goodluck this time round

Wednesday 03 February 02:29pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic My baby girl is very sick. New update.

Sounds like she`s a little fighter. Thoughts & prayers for her continued improvement & recovery.xx

Sunday 31 January 10:41am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic The facebook thing has been finalised, thanks to all that took part.

I don`t have facebook either?

Friday 29 January 09:40am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic With Great Sadness

I don`t know you Jess, but OMG my heart goes out to you & your family & your incredibly brave little boy who loves you all so very much. I read your hero thread & he was definitely a very very spec...

Saturday 23 January 10:09am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic What were your grandma and great grandma names!

Charlotte Joyce GM Ada Jane GGM

Tuesday 19 January 12:03pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic COME! Lets make a list of our kiddies names!

Austin x1 Brayden Victoria Matilda Aiden Evony Lilly x2 Izaak x2 (and same spelling) Kyan Gracie Jasmine Mahalia Jemma-lee Dylan Emily x3 (but Emilie) Zachary Kallan Nicolas Eliza Amelia Yasmin Ken...

Tuesday 19 January 12:00pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Im so so upset :(

Thankyou so much for your replies It has helped heaps to hear your stories. Will definitely be making a dentist appointment tommorrow. Thanks

Monday 14 December 11:44am

~Shelbs~ started new topic Im so so upset :(

My poor little 19mth DD chipped her front teeth & banged up her lip yesterday arvo... She was fine 5mins after but It just breaks my heart everytime she smiles & laughs I just want to cry. Any advi...

Monday 14 December 07:36am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic What about

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Aunty*Anna* I think its completely different style to Shelby to but thats just me Yeah I agree with you there, like more feminine girly

Sunday 15 November 08:38am

~Shelbs~ started new topic What about

Amirah... Pronounced as in Ameerah. Hubby came across this on some tv show & came to me with it & I really like it. Think he`s trying to tell me it`s time for another What do you think of Amirah?

Saturday 14 November 06:39am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Can I please have some opinions on my favourite na

My picks would be Willow & Leo ffrom your list

Monday 09 November 05:53am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Sophie or Sophia?


Monday 09 November 05:51am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Advice on names for a girl - down to four!

Definitely Piper love it!

Saturday 07 November 04:36pm

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Fletcher for a girls middle name

I think it`s a lovely idea too. If it has meaning to it for you, it will be the same for you daughter

Tuesday 03 November 07:25am

~Shelbs~ replied to topic Ella and Elijah too similar??

I think they`re fine together

Tuesday 03 November 07:20am
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