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htey1 replied to topic Trying to Wean and Night Feeds

p.s it was defenly a comforte thing for pagan thats why i had to change to dummy at nite instead of those bottles cause really she shouldnt of been hungry! doesnt matter breast or bottle its a com...

Saturday 28 May 02:41am

htey1 replied to topic Trying to Wean and Night Feeds

Hi!! At 13 months your DS doesn't need a feed during the night. He should be on plenty of solids and milk during the day to last him until morning. So I don't think it's a hunger issue, it's just ...

Wednesday 25 May 05:21am

htey1 started new topic Trying to Wean and Night Feeds

Just wanted some advice re: trying to wean my 13 month old. So far he is happily taking cows milk from a sippy cup morning and night however he still wakes for at least 1 night feed so he has been ...

Wednesday 25 May 04:41am

htey1 replied to topic Teaching respect for others and things

Thank you for your replies. I had tried to teach her what to do if those feelings arise as you suggested but I agree that maybe she is too young to recognise when it starts. I hadn't thought to may...

Saturday 16 April 05:42am

htey1 started new topic Teaching respect for others and things

My DD is 4 and for the past year have been having what seems to be the usual battles with her emerging self-will and independence. The acting out and frustration tantrums are slowly improving but t...

Saturday 16 April 04:03am

htey1 replied to topic Losing my morale

I felt so sad when reading your post as I absolutely detest the pressure put on us mum's regarding breast vs bottle. It's in the media, it's at playgroup, it's in our families. I see at the beginni...

Wednesday 13 April 10:12pm

htey1 started new topic Crying when passing wind

My DS is 11 mths old now. From birth has suffered with silent reflux, colicky and troubled by wind. The reflux is starting to ease now, probably because he is almost walking so is upright a lot mor...

Wednesday 30 March 11:39pm

htey1 replied to topic Am I doing the right thing?

I'm also in a bit of a dilemma about whether I should stop night feeds for my DS who is now 9 mths. He seems to be in a bit of transitional stage of going from 3 day sleeps to 2 day sleeps, so this...

Friday 28 January 04:36am

htey1 started new topic Choosing a kindy

Hi I am trying to figure out how to go about choosing a kindy for my dd for next year when she is 4. We live in the Thornlie area but I've not been able to find too much positive info regarding th...

Wednesday 10 March 04:49am

htey1 replied to topic 3weeks to go and getting niggles

Yes sounds like pressure pains to me as well. It's hard to say whether it means the baby is coming or not. I can assure you though you will know when it's the real thing - contractions will probabl...

Tuesday 24 November 05:49pm

htey1 replied to topic Filming babies arrival??

While I was pregnant I was adamant I wouldn't want to see a video of the birth - I couldn't imagine sitting around down the track and watching it like any other home video!! But my husband wanted t...

Tuesday 24 November 05:34pm

htey1 replied to topic 30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer.

I lost mine just as my labour started. It was just like a lot of discharge all at once and no blood so I wasn't 100% sure that's what it was but a couple of hours later contractions started so that...

Tuesday 24 November 05:28pm

htey1 replied to topic Child Safety Harnesses - More harm than good...

Out of curiosity to reading a posted quote from "experts" I have looked up the article in question and would like to point out a couple of things. 1. The article looked at the misuse of harness sy...

Friday 13 November 09:03pm

htey1 started new topic Strollers/prams for toddler plus newborn - opinion

I'm wanting to buy a new stroller/pram for my 20mth old but am planning for any future siblings, so have been looking at getting one that will take a toddler seat. What I specifically want is one t...

Thursday 30 October 02:29pm
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