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amy83d started new topic DS dental work- It's going to cost how much?????

I haven't been on here for a while but I thought someone may know on here what to do. I just got back from the paediatric dentist because to my horror I found an obvious cavity on DS who is 4. She ...

Friday 10 August 01:31pm

amy83d replied to topic New to pregnancy.. maybe 4 weeks and period cramps

I had the worst "period" cramps when I was pregnant with DS1. I knew my period was late but I was convinced they were coming because of the cramps, so much so I was taking nurofen plus, like I woul...

Tuesday 01 November 07:53am

amy83d replied to topic DUROMINE..

I have tried it for about a month. It didn't really do anything for me. I was not massive either just was having trouble getting "baby weight" off. We all wish that there was a magic pill that made...

Tuesday 01 November 07:47am

amy83d started new topic intelligender??

I used it got a clear girl result....DS2 is 16 months old :/ Don't waste your money.

Tuesday 01 November 07:40am

amy83d replied to topic Do you get your kids out of the car?

I have done it like twice I always usually make DH go down and get petrol for me but on these occasions I was desperate for fuel. Both times I only did it becuase the servo was not busy so I could ...

Tuesday 25 October 10:37pm

amy83d replied to topic do you think it should be illegal to reverse out of a driveway

Maybe we could just make driveways illegal because that would be easier than making sure your child is not on it. If people are going to pull out on you going backwards it's usually because they ...

Tuesday 04 October 08:32pm

amy83d replied to topic Anybody out there able to explain something about the bible ??

OP I PM'd you...I think. DS2 threw a popper at my computer so I'm not sure if it worked.

Friday 26 August 07:05pm

amy83d replied to topic couldn't hear heartbeat....

Try not to worry. My friend had heard the heart beat a couple of times at her OB appointments but when she went for a check up at her GP at 16 weeks the GP coudn't find a heart beat. Neadless to sa...

Thursday 25 August 06:41am

amy83d replied to topic Newborn nappies

with DS1 I used one box and one packet and he was 4kgs and so I bought the same for DS2 and he was 4kgs too and so it worked out perfect by the time he'd used those he was ready to go bigger.

Thursday 25 August 06:31am

amy83d replied to topic Prams for running

If you're a runner I'd definately get a Mountain Buggy. If you're going to run on rough surfaces they have the Mountain Buggy Terrain which is especially for that.

Wednesday 17 August 10:10pm

amy83d replied to topic DS doesn't want to be 'big boy'

I feel your pain DS1 was 3 in July and he will not have a bar of it. If i put undies on him he'll scream like he is being murdered and just try and take them off. I have a seat for him with a step ...

Monday 15 August 11:51pm

amy83d replied to topic whats your thoughts on this name????

I like it spelt Meike or Mika.

Monday 15 August 11:38pm

amy83d replied to topic boys name, what do you think

I like it. I think it's fine to have as a full name. I'm probably a little biased though because I have a Tex

Monday 15 August 11:32pm

amy83d replied to topic capsules vs rear facing carseats?

I didn't have one for DS1 because I didn't see the point. We decided to get one for DS2 because where we were living we had a lot of stairs to get down to the car and DS1 still wasn't very good at ...

Saturday 13 August 11:48pm

amy83d replied to topic Evie :)

Evienne is lovely!! How would that be pronounced? Thanks for the replies everyone! I am really loving Evie - and thankfully, DH likes it too. To the top of the list it goes!! My friend says...

Wednesday 03 August 08:30am

amy83d replied to topic frustrated with formula

I've used Bellamy's Organic for both of mine and I can't rave enough about it. Neither of my boys have EVER had wind, I wouldn't even know how to settle a windy baby and it is probably in the middl...

Tuesday 02 August 01:23am

amy83d replied to topic Evie :)

My friend just had an Evie! Her full name is Evienne Paris as they wanted to give her a longer name because they were worried Evie was a nn. I like Evie on its own too though I wouldn't have a ...

Tuesday 02 August 01:10am

amy83d replied to topic Phil and Teds vs Mountain Buggy

We were looking at the same prams as you and the lady at the store told us that Phil n Ted have gone broke and that Mountain Buggy have bought them out- and that Mountain Buggy were a much better ...

Wednesday 27 July 07:15pm

amy83d replied to topic VBAC or CS

I know how you feel. I only made my decision a few weeks before my due date. I had an emergency cs with DS1 after 18 hours of labour and i too was 9cm. I decided to have an elective with DS2 and it...

Monday 11 July 09:09pm

amy83d replied to topic prams and carseats

I definately recommend a pram with a capsule adaptor. I didn't have a capsule for DS1 but I got one for DS2 because it is easier to hold the older child's hand and just carry the newborn in the cap...

Wednesday 06 July 06:24pm
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