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Mum2MGM replied to topic Stitches (down there)

Thanks everyone. I had my beautiful boy just over 3 weeks ago, so not worried about having stitches they're already there! lol I also had Lots of stitches due to a 3rd degree tear. I was prett...

Thursday 21 April 06:33am

Mum2MGM started new topic Stitches (down there)

For those of you who've had stitches down below... how long did they take to dissolve? TIA Jess

Wednesday 20 April 07:24am

Mum2MGM replied to topic TTC and pregnancy following placental abruption

Hi, my 1st pregnancy ended up in an emergency caeser due to placental abruption (among other things) as well. It wasn't early though, I'd been induced. I have just had my 2nd bub and unfortunat...

Sunday 17 April 09:44pm

Mum2MGM replied to topic Braxton Hicks

Hi, with my 1st pregnancy I don't know as I didn't realise thats what they were. But with this one they started at about 13/14 weeks. I have them quite often and they can be quite strong.

Saturday 05 March 11:47pm

Mum2MGM replied to topic Please help!

I take either Zirtec or Xyzal. My doctor said the majority of them are the same level of safeness so to speak. He said as long as I'm not taking them everyday its fine. I only take them when its ...

Sunday 20 February 10:45am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Way too much information

I would def see your doc about it as the symptoms can mask other things. Mine did tests as even she thought it was something more serious (it was that bad) and not typical thrush symptoms. But......

Sunday 20 February 10:42am

Mum2MGM replied to topic difference in clothing sizes

I have the same trouble with my 2yr old. She is very tall, but super slim, especially around the waist. And because she's been TT for a while its been even harder as all the pants are still made ...

Saturday 19 February 08:58am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Way too much information

Hi, this is my 2nd pregnancy and I have been exactly the same. Its bloody awful. The slightest irritation sets it off. I am now 34wks and have had it pretty much from the get go. Poor DH, its ...

Saturday 19 February 08:54am

Mum2MGM started new topic Gold Coast

Hi, me again Once again...we live in Elanora and am searching for a 'good' family doctor. The one I am seeing now is an idiot :/ Our doc before we moved was Brilliant and my daughter loved him....

Saturday 19 February 08:49am

Mum2MGM started new topic Swimming lessons

Hiya, we've just moved near Palm Beach and am just wondering if anyone can recommend a good place for swimming lessons. DD is just turned 2. Before we moved she was about to move up into the tra...

Saturday 19 February 08:45am

Mum2MGM replied to topic What's the best thing to use

Itch Eze.. I think it is called. Its in a bright yellow tube from the chemist. It is the best thing I have found by far as it has a local anaesthetic (sp?) in it. It works absolute wonders. I g...

Tuesday 18 January 09:20pm

Mum2MGM replied to topic Does anyone know

Hi, I found it really hard to find the melamine ones! My DH ended up coming accross some in a cheapy shop in Darwin. But I have noticed they have started selling plastic divided plates in the bab...

Thursday 06 January 08:50am

Mum2MGM replied to topic TT

But what do u do when they have to go right in the middle of it? Do you just abandon your trolley and make a run for it? lol

Monday 15 November 08:41am

Mum2MGM started new topic TT

So, little Miss 21months is day TT. On long outings out she does wear training pants (if we're not going to be near a toilet) which we're trying to get away from. My main problem is supermarket s...

Monday 15 November 08:05am

Mum2MGM started new topic Teeth!

Just wondering if anyone has had to have implants or partial dentures. Looking for stories good or bad. I know no one likes to admit to it, but would love to hear from you. Pretty, pretty please

Sunday 07 November 07:15am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Whats better?

At that age I would definitely go toilet over potty. Whether it be the seat with the steps or you can also get one that sits under the normal seat and comes up thru (from Big W also) We started w...

Sunday 24 October 07:40am

Mum2MGM replied to topic How to get rid of soap scum?

Once you get it off.... You spray the glass/tiles with car wax (aerosol one) and then apparently you never get the build up again. Have yet to try it as I have memory like a sieve, but sounds good...

Saturday 23 October 12:55am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Labour 2nd time round

My 2nd labour was much better then my first - first time around it was over 20 hours, ended up having an epidural after 17 then a ventouse delivery - My daughter ended up in special care on oxygen...

Friday 22 October 10:49am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Moving to Gold Coast

Mumma-to-bubs, thats exactly all the suburbs I've been looking at! Good to know those are still good areas. I think I've looked at every house on it makes it so much easier hav...

Friday 22 October 10:45am

Mum2MGM replied to topic Moving to Gold Coast

Hi Pauline, thank you so much for responding Pacific Pines sounds exactly what we are looking for! We wanted to be a bit further south as DH will only have to work out of Brisbane once or twice a...

Tuesday 12 October 12:36am
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