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grubgal started new topic Worst Days of my Life

I just wanted to share my current experience with any new mums that may be feeling like me. I have an eleven week old little boy. All was going pretty well. I had good days and bad days just like a...

Friday 01 December 02:51pm

grubgal started new topic Tummy Sleeping

My 8 week old will not nap through the day unless I put him on his tummy. I have just spent the day at a day stay sleep centre and they could not get him to sleep any longer than 40mins and that wa...

Thursday 09 November 04:50pm

grubgal started new topic Day to day

Ok ladies, hit me with what you do all day with your new borns. Now that everything has settled down and I don't have as many visitors I don't know what to do everyday. We take my eldest ...

Monday 30 October 11:05am

grubgal replied to topic Getting Worse

Thanks for the reply Sarah. Ive decided to just roll with the punches until he is three months and if things aren't any better I might try some professional help. But reading through some of ...

Sunday 29 October 09:23pm

grubgal started new topic Getting Worse

Hi, I have a 7 week old who's sleeping is just getting worse and worse and I'm just so tired (I realise I am not alone here). It also causes me a bit of anxiety as I really don't kno...

Friday 27 October 09:26am

grubgal replied to topic 7 week nap nightmare!

Hi, unfortunately I have no advice but know exactly how you feel. My 6 week old is exactly the same and has been for about two weeks now. It's driving me bonkers. I am going to meet with some ...

Thursday 26 October 09:44pm

grubgal started new topic Help for toddler behaviour

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is anyone in Townsville for help with toddler behaviour. My three year old DS throws the most aggressive tantrums and I do not know how to react when h...

Sunday 13 March 08:10am

grubgal replied to topic DD said the best thing today :)

Kidz definately do say the darndest things: - DS 2 1/2 fav new word is bum. The other day he had a wedgie and said "Mum, my bum is hanging out". I said "I think you mean bot bot". "No its my bum"....

Sunday 24 October 08:25am

grubgal started new topic Toddlers Very Bad Behaviour

Hi My 26 month old DS over the last fortnight gone from a pretty good toddler into a screaming, hitting, kicking monster and I have no idea why or what to do:( He will just lose his temper at the ...

Wednesday 02 June 11:13pm

grubgal replied to topic today my toddler............

We are getting a new park built next to our home and daddy asked DS if he was going to play on it when it was finished. "Yes" DS replied. Then daddy asked if Mummy was going to have a turn. "No Mum...

Wednesday 26 May 05:45am

grubgal replied to topic Bedtime battle with 3yr old

I used to use controlled crying with my bub when he was in his cot. It seemed to work ok but he never did sleep through the night, but did seemed to fall asleep on his own no worries. When we put ...

Thursday 29 October 08:00pm

grubgal replied to topic Waking up early!!!

He is 19 months

Tuesday 06 October 03:48pm

grubgal started new topic Waking up early!!!

My DS is not a great sleeper, getting up at least once a night for a bottle. However he has nearly always slept till at least 6 - 7 in the morning. My problem is that recently he has started to wak...

Monday 05 October 05:52pm

grubgal replied to topic Co-Sleeping

I dont think you are a failure - I think it sounds lovely. I listened to lots of people with Roy (19 months) and would never let him come into our bed. Now I regret it cause I think the thought of ...

Monday 28 September 09:35am

grubgal replied to topic giving medicines

When DS was a bit younger we would pretend to put his dummy in his mouth and then quickly squirt in the medicine. Now he is 18months and doesnt really have a dummy any more we pretend to give it to...

Tuesday 15 September 08:50am

grubgal replied to topic controlled crying! Help

My boy (18 mths)still gets a bottle when he cries at night to go back to sleep. We tried the CC thing when he was about 13 months to try to stop the bottle but he can and will cry for over two hour...

Monday 24 August 04:30pm

grubgal replied to topic What age for big bed??

This is DS (17 months) 5th night in his big bed! So far so good, touch wood. He has never been a great sleeper so getting up to him once a night is no big deal and nothing new. When hubby and I fin...

Friday 07 August 04:42pm

grubgal replied to topic 2yr old hitting other kids at childcare

My little man (17 months) does this all the time. Today he even try to hit a man in the supermarket because he came close to our trolley, LOL. He also hits me and his dad as well. We have not tried...

Thursday 30 July 09:16am

grubgal started new topic How many teeth?

My boy is turning 16 months soon and only has 8 teeth (with no more on the way that I can tell). He got his first tooth at 9 months. Does this sound normal? How many teeth do you bubs have?

Tuesday 30 June 04:21pm

grubgal started new topic Where to start?

My DS is approaching 16 months and I was hoping to start toilet training soon! Problem is I have absolutely no idea where to start, I have the potty but that is it. Has anyone got any ideas or read...

Thursday 18 June 06:30am
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