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citykidz replied to topic is it ok?

Hi Ally, I had a similar dilemma to you when my DS was 9 weeks old. I had a concert to go to and left my son for the first time with his father. I expressed a few bottles before the day, so that he...

Thursday 04 June 08:52am

citykidz replied to topic breasts weigh a ton, but having trouble expressing!!

Hi There, Have you tried a breast pump to get some excess milk off? I found hand expressing to be very difficult and a pump was well worth it's price. There are many different ones on the market an...

Thursday 04 June 06:39am

citykidz replied to topic COWS MILK?? ADVICE NEEDED....

Hi Sam, The easiest way I found of switching to cow's milk from formula was to gradually introduce it to my son's formula bottles. For the first week I made up his bottles with 3/4 formula (ie, 3 ...

Friday 24 April 08:31pm

citykidz replied to topic Maternity bras - which brand is best???

Just gotta love HOTMILK maternity wear. I am regularly a 14E but am up to a 14G at the moment and these bras are not only supportive but sexy as well. It makes a really nice change from the frumpy ...

Friday 24 April 07:58pm

citykidz replied to topic Fenugreek, anyone taken it and did it work

I have not taken it personally but I do know another way to boost milk supply that has helped in the past. Try this for a day or two and see what happens. Feed from both breasts for each feed. Afte...

Friday 24 April 07:41pm

citykidz replied to topic need advice about poo :)

This is perfectly normal. I have 4 boys who were breastfed (youngest is 10 weeks) and all went between 3 and 7 days (sometimes longer) between poos. Bringing the legs up and being irritable is par...

Friday 24 April 07:27pm

citykidz replied to topic Huggies nappies ! Help Questions!

Hi there, Newborn nappies never lasted long in my house!!! After 4 boys (youngest is 10 weeks) I think the longest we were in Newborn size was about one month. #3 was only in them for about a week!...

Friday 24 April 07:07pm

citykidz replied to topic a penny for your thoughts ;)

Hi Alicia, I had this dilemma with my first 3 sons who were each born 2 years apart. With #1 and #2 I used the sling when the older one was tired. This worked really well, but if you are out for a ...

Friday 24 April 06:59pm

citykidz replied to topic breastpads. whats good and whats bad?

Hi there, I am currently using the Rite-Aid disposable pads. I find that they are not noticeable through tops and are very absorbant. They are not very thick and are relatively cheap. In the past...

Friday 24 April 06:27pm
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